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Choosing, implementing, and managing marketing technology (martech) can be intimidating. We'll work with you to determine whether a unified or unifying approach is best when building your marketing technology stack. Our marketing technology can also review your existing marketing technology ecosystem and identify ways to optimize spending and use and maximize ROI. Our martech programs will help you unlock the power of your marketing technology.

Technology Strategy

You wouldn't plan a major household purchase without doing a bit of thinking first. Some strategic thinking and planning will help you maximize your marketing technology spend, more effectively use what you already have, and ensure that the martech you have today is optimized to serve your business and your customers.

Evaluation & Selection

Evaluation & Selection

Bigger isn't always better, and the best-of-breed approach when building your marketing technology stack isn't necessarily the right choice, either. Get the most out of your martech investment by putting the time and work into researching the best options to meet your specific business needs and help you achieve your goals.



Optimize the marketing technology implementation process and achieve higher ROI, time to market, and time to value.


Systems Integration

Combining the strengths of multiple martech solutions makes good business sense. Deliver a more unified customer experience with a holistic, 360-degree view of your customer.


Stack Assessment

Before you buy a shiny new marketing technology tool, dig deep into what's already in your marketing technology stack. Your existing stack may already provide the features and functions you need.


Stack Optimization

Optimize your existing martech stack to get the ROI you expect and deserve. Ongoing marketing technology stack optimization can be the difference between riding the crest of change or courting obsolescence.


Technology Support

Marketing technology isn't flawless, and neither are the humans who use it. When things go wrong, you need a plan to figure it out and keep your marketing organization moving forward. Martech support helps keep your marketing technology ecosystem running right.

How to Avoid the Digital Transformation Trap

White Paper: How to Avoid the Digital Transformation Trap

To keep pace with customers who move faster than their brand, marketers are using technology to create “sticky” experiences that promise to improve  acquisition, conversion, and customer loyalty. But technology alone isn’t what makes digital transformation, well – transformative. Download this white paper to learn how to avoid the digital transformation trap.

We wanted to understand how far we are on our digital journey, the digital readiness of our workforce, to help drive us towards a more collaborative culture with a greater understanding of everyone's responsibility in our transformation, organization-wide. GeekHive was key to helping us achieve that.

Tamara Waldron, Marketing and PR Manager at Aruba Bank N.V.

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Powerhouse Background

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

This publishing powerhouse needed to better reach its customer base through marketing technology.

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Aruba Bank

Learn how Aruba Bank connected its people, organizational processes, and marketing technologies to digitally transform its organization.

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Aruba Bank Case Study

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