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What do Coca-Cola, Starbucks and your company all have in common?

Hint: It's got nothing to do with your caffeinated beverage of choice. The answer lies in what you’re about to unlock with the Salesforce Community Cloud.

Businesses small and large are using Salesforce Community Cloud to connect customers, partners and employees around the globe, creating more engaging experiences across the customer journey.

With the right strategy and some helpful technology driving your team, there's no shortage of opportunities to deliver more engaging, customer-first digital experiences.

Powering your digital experience with the cloud

Before we get into the nitty gritty of things, let’s unpack what the Salesforce Experience Cloud actually is.

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a social platform from Salesforce that enables companies like yourself to better connect customers, partners and employees. With some communication, the right data and clear insights in hand, creating engaging customer experiences is a no-brainer.

Just some of the features the Salesforce cloud has to offer include:

Voice of the Customer

Redefining customer service:

 Build a customer support platform that allows users to find the answers they need when they need them.


Centralizing your partners:

With a complete channel management solution, data can flow freely through internal teams and external partners. No more waiting on a document to eventually show up in your inbox.

Sitecore Content Hub

Creating an internal community:

With all of your internal information in a shared knowledge base, you can stop digging through a maze of files to find training materials, content schedules or project assets.

It’s important to remember that how you use the cloud is entirely up to you and your customers' needs. It could be as straightforward as giving users a more responsive self-service portal, or even going totally outside of the box and creating a solution that's unique to your business.

Working with a Salesforce partner

At GeekHive, we’re here to help uncover what you and your customers’ needs look like so you can make the most of your technology investment

As a full-service Salesforce consulting and implementation partner, we’ve worked with clients to create individualized solutions that drive engagement and deliver quick value. Although every business’s Salesforce needs look a little different, we offer services including:


Implementation and integration:

Ready to start your Salesforce Experience Cloud journey but don’t know where to begin? Together, we’ll determine the most valuable way to use the cloud and make sure that implementation is done right the first time. No more trial and error when it comes to figuring out which of your systems will play nice with Salesforce.



Your Experience Cloud is up and running but you’re not seeing the value you hoped to achieve — what gives? As your Salesforce partner, we’ll uncover opportunities to improve your technology use and make sure you’re unlocking the full potential of your digital experience.


User support:

Even the most powerful technology is rendered useless if your users don’t know what to do with it. Our experts will ease the process of rollout to demystify Salesforce and help end users see the value of using the tool.

Whether you need an end-to-end Salesforce solution or just some extra help along the way, it’s our job to simplify the cloud so that you can keep doing what you do best: wowing your customers.

Managing Salesforce Experience Cloud implementation

The Salesforce Experience Cloud comes with endless possibilities when it comes to enabling better connection with partners, vendors and customers. However, the key to unlocking those opportunities starts on day one with implementation.

To make your Salesforce experience as seamless as possible, we’ll work together to create a plan that answers your most important questions, including:

Customer Journey

How will your new technology redefine the role of your sales, marketing and service teams? Where will these changes impact the customer journey?

Data Visualization

What level of visibility should you assign to your content? Will it be open to the public or only authenticated users?

Content Migration

What will it take to integrate your legacy systems with the Salesforce Experience Cloud? How will this migration process be managed?

From configuring out-of-the-box community features to developing customer solutions for your needs, the team at GeekHive will help you ensure that your Salesforce journey starts off on the  right foot.

Unlocking the full potential of your Salesforce experience

It’s one thing to successfully roll out a new piece of software. It's an entirely different challenge when it comes to ensuring that users are actually getting the value you hoped to achieve.

Together, we’ll work to unlock the full potential of your Salesforce investment, using data to:

Google Analytics

Measure your success:

By identifying key performance indicators that align with your unique business goals, we’ll be able to uncover what’s working, and even more importantly, where we can improve.


Build personalized experiences:

What works for one user may not translate for another. By integrating customer data, we’ll work to define your target audiences and create content tailored to their unique context.

Data Visualization

Monitor community participation:

With real-time dashboards that are intuitive and user-friendly, your team can gain insight into community participation and engagement levels.

Together, we’ll get your team to market faster with personalized digital experiences that are streamlined across each channel.

Two people planting a young tree

Working with GeekHive as your Experience Cloud partner

With the Salesforce Experience Cloud, your team will be positioned to save time, drive innovation and reduce customers, building stronger customer relationships along the way.

At GeekHive, we’re here to help you get there faster —  minus some headaches and the coffee needed to fuel what could have been some long nights at the office.

Together, we’ll uncover opportunities to improve both your external and internal processes, delivering solutions that enhance the end-to-end customer experience. If you’re ready to transform your digital strategy with a Salesforce expert or have any other questions for the GeekHive team, schedule a call with us today