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Whether you're a seasoned Sitecore veteran or it's your first time using the platform, GeekHive is here to help. With Sitecore, you’ll be able to introduce personalization at the right pace, creating a meaningful digital experience for each and every one of your customers. 

With GeekHive as your Sitecore partner, you can rest assured you’re entering the battle for personalization with the right tools —  and team — by your side.

What does being a Sitecore partner mean?

As a Sitecore development partner, it's our goal to help your team develop a strategy that delivers quick wins and provides the foundation for long-term growth and customer loyalty.

We’re not known to toot our own horn, but we're very proud to say GeekHive has been recognized as a Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner since 2006. For over 15 years, we’ve helped companies small and large implement and upgrade their web development strategy, answering questions along the way including: 


Sitecore SXA

How can my team decrease our time to market?

User Experience

What can I do to improve the experience for my end users?


How can I simplify the rollout and maintenance of multiple projects at once?

With the Sitecore platform and the GeekHive team at your side, your technology will be working for you, moving you one step closer to the ultimate customer experience.

Leveraging the Sitecore Managed Cloud

Increasingly, marketers are moving toward the cloud, exploring their options when it comes to leveraging new technology in place of a traditional content management system.

With Sitecore, the choice is yours: managed, self-managed or on-premises deployment.

If your eyes just glazed over reading that, don’t worry. Even the most experienced marketers  find themselves in the dark when determining which of those options make the most sense for their organization. 

Together, we'll work to understand how your team can benefit from the cloud, freeing up your time and resources so you can:


Customer Journey

Achieve your business goals faster while managing costs and maintaining the voice of your brand.


Support the evolving needs of your digital marketing team and your customers.

Google Analytics

Reach new markets by scaling your content no matter where your customers are.

By combining your team’s expertise with Sitecore’s powerful cloud infrastructure and content capabilities, you'll be well on your way to creating a digital experience like no other.

Improving your content management system

Speaking of content, where does all of your team’s work currently live? If the answer ends in a question mark, you’re not alone.

When marketing assets are siloed across different teams and departments, it becomes difficult — if not impossible — to create meaningful interactions for each customer.

Sitecore Content Hub puts you in charge of the entire content lifecycle. By implementing the Content Hub, your team can get personalization right the first time, helping you to:



Refine the content creation and delivery process to minimize bottlenecks and meet your customers’ changing needs in real time.

Data Visualization

Manage, add and share content in a single platform that's accessible for your whole team.

Customer Experience

Deliver one-on-one omnichannel experiences to maximize engagement and produce long-term customer loyalty.

Together, we’ll integrate the Sitecore CMS with your current processes, streamlining Sitecore implementation and providing support along the way.

Auditing your current digital experience

Technology is only as valuable as the results it helps to drive. If your team is facing persistent performance issues, slow deployments, or are having trouble integrating Sitecore with other components of your tech stack, you’re not getting the most out of your investment. 

The team at GeekHive will help you to understand where your digital strategy stands and how it can be even better. Rest assured that you’re running marketing campaigns on the most up-to-date technology available with services including:




Sitecore is constantly releasing new updates to help users like you get even more out of the platform. From simple changes to complex integrations, we'll help ensure the Sitecore upgrade process is seamless for you and your customers.



Maximize your return on your Sitecore investment by determining which products you need and whether your tech stack is running efficiently.

We'll work together to understand what Sitecore can do for you and your team, aligning the platform’s capabilities with your unique business goals.

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Working with GeekHive as your Sitecore expert

From deep customer insights to enhancing your users’ end-to-end experience, GeekHive will help you tap into the power of Sitecore, and get the most out of your digital investment. 

Contact our team of Sitecore experts today. Together, we'll find new ways to wow your customers and take control of your digital strategy.