Avoid the Digital Transformation Trap

Choosing and using the right marketing technology can mean the difference between spending your time as a marketer or becoming a product manager. It can also mean the difference between your marketing team's success or failure.

In this whitepaper, GeekHive's Chief Strategy Officer Gene De Libero shares insights learned over 35 years as a digital innovator, leader and New York University Digital Marketing adjunct.

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How to Avoid Digital Transformation Trap

From beacons in retail stores to marketing automation and mobile search, marketers are using technology to keep pace with a customer who moves faster than the brand. The goal is to create “sticky” experiences that promise improved acquisition, conversion, and retention (loyalty). But technology alone isn’t what makes digital transformation, well – transformative.

In this white paper, GeekHive's Chief Strategy Officer, Gene De Libero, shares practical insights learned over his 35-years as a digital innovator, leader, and New York University Digital Marketing adjunct.

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