How do I remove organizational and data silos?

Aruba Bank

Aruba Bank is the largest commercial bank in Aruba and offers banking, trade, cash management and insurance services to international customers in Aruba, Curaçao, St. Maarten and Bonaire.


Aruba Bank had invested significantly in industry leading marketing technology platforms, as part of a multi-year, organizational wide, digital transformation initiative, but struggling with addressing silos in their technology, customer data, and internal departments.



We assessed the digital maturity of the Aruba Bank organization, across the dimensions of strategy, culture, customer, operations and technology. From conducting an organization networking analysis to evaluating all technology platforms, our team identified opportunities for digital transformation.



Focusing on helping Aruba Bank build a more collaborative company culture, our team defined a multi-year roadmap for digital transformation. By connecting departments via technology, we enabled operational efficiencies organization-wide and enhanced the customer experience.



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We wanted to be able to understand how far we were on our digital journey as well as the digital readiness of our workforce. We are addressing the challenges, opportunities, processes and resources that will drive us towards a more collaborative company culture, with a greater understanding of everyone's responsibility in our digital transformation, organization-wide.

Marketing Manager, Aruba Bank