Using Content to Improve the Customer Experience

MaxxSouth Unlocks the Power of Content

MaxxSouth offers phone, broadband, and internet services to the greater Northeast
area of Mississippi. As one of the many companies offering these services, staying competitive and offering an incredible, personalized customer experience is imperative.

The Challenge

MaxxSouth’s marketing team was dealing with unnecessarily long hold times for content and image updates, causing their customers and their team a lot of frustration. Simple issues like password changes required phone calls to tech support, causing long wait times for customers and constant diversion of tech staff resources.


Needs Identified by the MaxxSouth Team:

▶ Timely & accurate messaging for MaxxSouth customers
▶ A checkout process on the website
▶ A personalized customer experience, including login flow providing customers access to account management
▶ A complete view of the customer experience through data & analytics for continuous optimization


The solution integrated seamlessly with their existing technology for faster launch turnaround, and kept their users on one domain throughout their visit, streamlining the MaxxSouth experience.



The Solution

Drupal 8, an open-source CMS platform, offered the MaxxSouth team full control over their site’s content. The team took advantage of one of Drupal's built-in features that makes it easy to integrate with other technologies in your stack. This meant they didn't have to re-write code and could use what they already had, saving both time and money. Specifically, they combined the Drupal platform with Pantheon, and utilized existing codebase from parent company Buckeye.


▶ Implemented digital, online ordering system through Drupal
▶ Measurable website success with one-domain setup
▶ Added Google Enhanced eCommerce Analytics for a complete view of the customer journey
▶ MyMaxxSouth rolled out, a login system giving customers access to their accounts online, and a personalized experience with the brand


MaxxSouth customers now have access to their own accounts, and enjoy a personalized, seamless experience on one platform. They were able to do more for their customers with the people and processes they already had in place. Plugging in the right technology gives them more power to focus on their customers and their community. Win-win-win.


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