“How do I support my B2B customer needs?”

Custom B2B Marketing Portal on Drupal CMS

Cynosure, a leading developer and manufacturer of aesthetic medical treatment systems, engaged GeekHive as its web development team to build the next generation of their marketing portal, AMPS (Amplified Marketing Practice Support) 2.0,  to support its B2B customers. The company’s major focus was to provide practitioners with the tools and education needed to market their growing practices.

In a truly collaborative effort, GeekHive partnered with creative agency Cramer to improve the design and usability of the site for Cynosure customers. As Cramer designed the new look and feel of the portal, our team at GeekHive focused on the marketing technology strategy and implementation aspects of the engagement to enable the company's vision.

Choosing the CMS: How we landed on Drupal 7

Given the significantly improved feature set for this next generation marketing platform, including a critical Salesforce integration, we determined that Drupal 7 was the best platform choice for this project for several reasons - the advantages of open source, the strong community behind Drupal and substantial content and user management capabilities.

Finally, Cynosure was looking for a solid, cost-effective, low maintenance approach to hosting infrastructure to avoid entanglement with internal IT budgets and allow their marketing department to be more agile in their offerings. The emergence of services like Pantheon, with its large suite of tools and advanced feature set, added additional incentive to select Drupal.

Pantheon’s approach to Drupal and WordPress hosting is more “CMS as a service” than traditional VM or server-based hosting and helped us focus on building a great product. Choosing Pantheon also allowed us to set up an environment with dev and testing environments in about 20% of the time it would normally take to provision using traditional hosting providers.

CRM Integration: Salesforce Sync

An important target for the AMPS 2.0 project was to synchronize customer data in AMPS with Salesforce, a crucial platform for the sales and marketing teams at Cynosure. In general, we needed to take a loosely coupled approach to linking data in Drupal to Salesforce records. Salesforce Suite provided a great framework on which to construct this approach, allowing us to map a subset of key Salesforce objects in Cynosure’s Salesforce organization into Drupal entities which we related to the core content types in the application.

Previously there was no connection between Salesforce and the AMPS platform. Now, with this integration, new practices (customers) created in Salesforce are synchronized directly with AMPS  along with the Cynosure devices that they have purchased. From a marketing operations perspective, the process is streamlined and requires less manual maintenance of data within AMPS about customers.  

Personalization and Social Integration

This entire portal was designed specifically to help practitioners build their practices through support manuals, marketing and other promotional materials that promote the use of Cynosure’s aesthetic lasers. In order to do so, we created a customized dashboard using personalization so practitioners receive specific content, manuals, marketing materials, product support info, display and banner ads, and waiting room videos related to the services they provide.

To give practitioners ideas and make social media marketing easier for them, we set up a social integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest that enabled them to easily push content curated by Cynosure to their target audiences. The managed content was specific to each social platform and they could easily share it directly to their pages through share icons.

By making it easy for practitioners to market their practices by giving them a ready-made toolkit of materials, practitioners have nothing standing in their way of growing a thriving practice.

A True Education and Marketing Portal

AMPS 2.0 solved the challenges posed by the previous version and positioned Cynosure to become a true thought leader and educator in their field. We delivered on their vision by:

  • Personalization: Creating a customized dashboard and workflow process that allows for the approval and transfer of relevant marketing materials including manuals, product support information, display ads, and videos related to the specific customer account.

  • Mobile Application: Building in and out-patient dashboards via mobile websites for iPads. Practices could have them on site with information on their products and services for clients to look at while waiting for their treatment.

  • Responsive UI: Incorporating responsive web design and a new Practitioner Locator that allows for a new use case - patients and those interested in Cynosure treatments can use AMPS 2.0 to quickly locate a Cynosure practitioner in their area that offers the treatment they are looking for, across any device and screen size.

  • CRM Integration: Leveraging Salesforce Suite to establish a framework that will allow us to integrate Salesforce into AMPS 2.0. Now customer data that was previously siloed off can be synchronized across both AMPS 2.0 and Salesforce - a win for Cynosure’s sales and marketing teams.

  • Analytics: Integrating a custom Google Analytics data layer that uses tag manager and auto event tracking to track practice behaviors and gain data to further improve upon experience and offerings.

What’s next?

A major driver for the reimagined AMPS platform is the launch of a revolutionary new product, SculpSure. Upcoming features on AMPS will allow practitioners to report on SculpSure device usage and enroll in rewards programs. With these features, AMPS will help Cynosure pivot from manufacturer to thought leaders and educators industry wide.

Cynosure AMPS
Cynosure AMPS
Cynosure AMPS
Cynosure AMPS
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