The American Society of Hematology

The American Society of Hematology (ASH) is the largest professional society of hematologists in the world. Comprised of over 16,000 members, the not-for-profit association is dedicated to the treatment, education, and prevention of blood-related disorders.

Solution Snapshot


The ASH team wanted to build better digital experiences for its members across multiple channels, but they were working with outdated systems and disconnected technologies. Successful planning, building, and delivery of exceptional content for their members was imperative, so they needed a partner to help create and share a new strategy within the company, and to reliably support the execution of those new initiatives. 


GeekHive's team of experts developed a strategy that focused on building a single-member view to enable the team to gather insights to plan, build, and deliver better member experiences that were consistent across all channels. Additionally, the creation of a digital roadmap combined long-term initiatives with quick-wins to help give the ASH team the organizational support and resources they needed to move their transformation efforts forward. 




  • Single member-view with integration of systems and data collection

  • Consistent multichannel digital experiences

  • Actionable digital roadmap combining long-term initiatives with quick wins

  • Aligned, integrated marketing technology stack

  • Cohesive digital identity across all web properties

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) access for members

  • Multi-site management & visualization

I view GeekHive as a partner and not only are they technology people, but they bring in the marketing side of things.  Because technology is no longer just about systems, it is about how you use technology to increase your business.

CIO, The American Society of Hematology

The Details


The American Society of Hematology wanted to focus on building better digital experiences for its members. However, the team was working with outdated systems and disconnected technologies. This became a major obstacle that prevented them from being able to successfully complete this project. 

This overall lack of connection between technology systems came with negative consequences experienced by the marketing and technology teams:

  • Nearly impossible to gather data insights to build better experiences

  • Disjoined technology made the member experience inconsistent among channels

  • Burdened internal teams with ongoing maintenance

  • Kept silos in place making it harder for teams to work together

Without any connectivity between platforms, the American Society of Hematology had no way of building a single-view of their community members which was critical to improving the digital experience.



Our team of experts came up with the recommendation to first build a single-member view. This would combine siloed technology systems and free up the flow of data. This would allow the team to gather better insights to build better experiences that were consistent among all channels. 


Following this the team would perform key analysis to bring new insights to the organization that would inform a strategic roadmap. This roadmap would intentionally combine long-term goals with quick wins.


Including quick wins into the road maps ensured the team at American Society of Hematology would be able to demonstrate immediate success to get the resources and support they needed to move transformation efforts forward. 

The Approach

The team began with an overarching marketing technology strategy that involved a focus on identifying every digital touch point and interaction between the American Society of Hematology and its members. This took into account all the technology systems involved, both internal facing and external facing and their current vs. desired state in the process.

By doing this, our team ensured the project maintained a focus on the desired outcome which was to build a single member view to understand how to build better digital experiences. 

Further, our team identified key integration points that were required in order to pass data back-and-forth between systems and unlocking the full power of what their marketing technology stack had to offer. 

These key project initiatives lead to project planning and milestones to ensure the business objective was being met.

The Solution

Our developers and strategists positioned Salesforce CRM at the center of the martech stack to serve as the primary data hub for the American Society of Hematology. This single source of truth made it easier for the team to manage data quality and integrity ongoing.

By consolidating, aligning, and integrating the numerous marketing technology platforms throughout the organization, we were able to strategically connect the digital touch points throughout the ASH customer journey for a unified digital experience. These system integrations also enabled the flow of data between platforms to provide a real-time, single view of its members and donors.

In continuation of our partnership with the organization, our team has developed a multi-year roadmap that is designed to incrementally transform and improve the ways in which the American Society of Hematology engages, informs, and educates its large community of members. 

The Tech

Our team of award-winning Sitecore developers built a scalable digital ecosystem for the association that combines the power of Sitecore content management system (CMS) with Salesforce Sales Cloud (CRM), Marketing Cloud, and Communities. We further integrated these tools with various other platforms that the association relies upon, including Drupal and Web Courseworks learning management system (LMS) to increase member engagement.

As an enterprise-level digital experience platform, Sitecore XP has the advanced technological ability to streamline and personalize the ASH digital experience for its members. By connecting these technologies in a strategic manner, our team was able to strengthen, integrate, and unify the entire marketing technology stack for the association.


Seamless Multichannel Digital Experiences
Aligned & Integrated Marketing Technology Stack
Cohesive Digital Identity Across Web Properties
Single Sign-On (SSO) Access for Members
Multi-site Management & Visualization

American Society of Hematology website
ASH website on desktop
American Society of Hematology website on mobile



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