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Stop us if you've heard this one before: "We need to improve our marketing performance without increasing our spend."

If that's a phrase that haunts your dreams, we've got good news — that'll hopefully lead to a better night’s sleep. Getting more out of your marketing investments won’t require a total overhaul of your day-to-day operations — just a little bit of strategy and some smart data usage.

By harnessing the power of marketing analytics, your team can get the insight you need to redefine the customer journey from start to finish.

Optimizing your marketing efforts with analytics

Each time your customers interact with you online, they’re adding to a catalogue of digital information that tells their story. The challenge is knowing how to read between those binary lines to find out which data you can use to enhance your digital experience. 

That’s where marketing analytics come in.

Marketing analytics is the practice of applying data to determine the impact of just about every marketing effort, from individual blog posts to channel-by-channel performance. With these insights in hand, your team can better understand your customer journey and create strategies that optimize each interaction.

Although the specific type of analytics each industry leverages may look a little different from business-to-business, they all fall into three distinct categories:



How have customers behaved in the past? What were the driving forces behind these scenarios?



What will your customers do in the future?

Voice of the Customer


How will your team respond to deliver your desired customer outcomes?

By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, your team can stop combing through a library of data and start focusing on the digital transformation you and your customers are ready for.

Transforming your digital marketing

Today’s customers are looking for meaningful interactions with brands that provide relevant content and accurate recommendations, simplifying their journey from start to finish.

For marketers, this means finding the right message on the right channel at exactly the right time. While this concept was once impossible, marketing analytics is making it a reality.

By applying actionable data across the customer journey, your team will be able to

Google Analytics

Generate quality leads:

Analytics can help your team refine your marketing strategy to create more meaningful content that connects with your intended target audience

Customer Experience

Boost loyalty and retention:

Your most valuable customers are the ones you already have. Leverage analytics to understand the best way to keep delivering a one-of-kind experience for both new and existing customers.

Sitecore Content Hub

Find opportunities to improve:

Measure your strategy over time and uncover opportunities to deliver an even better digital experience.

By accurately predicting and acting on emerging trends through marketing analytics, your team will be positioned to achieve higher sales and more meaningful engagement.

Partnering with a marketing analytics consultant

For even the most experienced marketer, analytics can seem like a pretty daunting realm to jump into.

At GeekHive, we can help.

As your marketing analytics consultant, we’ll work with you to transform your data strategy and turn meaningless numbers into actionable insights that can be leveraged across the customer experience. While every team’s analytics journey will look a little different, we offer end-to-end support including:



Just getting started? Together we’ll create your plan for success, from determining which metrics you’ll measure to helping your end users apply insights to their day-to-day processes.



Already have systems in place but looking to do even more with your data? Create a technology ecosystem that draws on each software’s strengths to get the most out of your investments.



Discover how you can get even more from your marketing activities by looking at data through a new lens.

With a marketing analytics consultant on your side, your team can turn analytics into your competitive advantage.

Aligning your marketing team with the right data

The first step to successfully leveraging marketing analytics is getting your entire team involved. Together, we’ll determine which areas of growth align with your overall strategy, selecting the key performance indicators that matter most to your organization.

Get a clear picture of your customer journey with insight into:

Social Media


Are there specific channels of content types that your customers respond to the most?

Search Engine Optimization

Organic search:

How are your prospects finding you? Should you be positioned differently?

Demand Generation


Which activities are performing the best? Which may need a little extra attention?

By finding the most impactful opportunities for growth, you can focus your resources on what matters to your customers and deliver the experiences they want.

Man and woman looking at a handheld device.

Working with GeekHive as your marketing analytics consultant

With analytics, you can take the mystery out of your customer journey and get a clear understanding of how your digital investments are performing.

At GeekHive, we’re passionate about the digital experience and helping teams to find new ways to wow their customers. We’ve helped our customers to transform complex data sets into actionable insights that empower marketing teams and inspire value-driven action.

Ready to get started? Schedule a call with us and together we’ll navigate your data to create a next-level customer experience