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Explore how our data visualization services can help you generate actionable insights and transform your digital customer experience.

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What if you could pull from every past customer interaction ever, creating a message that speaks to their unique context and specific needs — all in real time?

The good news: You can. The even better news: You won't need speed-reading superpowers to sort through a massive library of data.

Data visualization tools give your team the ability to decipher massive amounts of information in a way that’s more intuitive and user-friendly, turning you into your customers’ superhero. So put on your cape and let’s explore how data visualization can transform your digital experience for the better.

Turning data into actionable insights

At its most basic, data visualization takes the insights generated through data analytics and creates a graphical representation of the information.

When data becomes your team’s superpower, you unlock benefits including:

Marketing Analytics

Valuable insights:

Extract patterns and uncover emerging trends that are hidden in data and apply them to the customer experience.

Voice of the Customer

Enhanced collaboration:

Accessible and accurate data gives everyone from  marketing to service a shared understanding of the customer experience.


Optimized processes:

Your team can stop spending hours on reporting and focus on finding new ways to support your customers.

From making a digital experience that's more engaging to identifying the best way to each unique target audience, data visualization can help you do it all.

Partnering with a data visualization expert

Aligning the customer experience, content and data is the key to connecting your customers with your brand. At GeekHive, our team will help you to unlock all of those necessary pieces.

As your data visualization expert, we’ll work with you to answer:

User Experience

How can your brand’s current digital experience be improved?

Marketing Automation

Which reporting processes can benefit from being automated?

Data Visualization

What is the most meaningful way for your team to view data?

Visualization services can be tailored to your specific needs and the customer journey you aspire to deliver — it’s our job to help you uncover which data sets will get you there.

Adopting and the right data visualization techniques

As we work to implement your data visualization strategy, we’ll keep these best practices at the forefront of each process:


Have a customer-first focus:

Even the most advanced dashboard can be rendered useless if it doesn't directly connect to the customer journey.

Customer Experience Platform

Stay consistent:

Help your end-users integrate data into their processes by keeping a format the same stay across each chart. From color-coding to metrics, we’ll work to determine which makes the most sense.

Content Management

Personalize for your needs:

Visualization isn't a one-size-fits-all solution. Our team will help you to choose the right technique for every type of data on your dashboards.

With the right data strategy, your organization can connect its people, processes and marketing technologies to digitally transform itself from the inside out.

Building your data visualization tool set

A data visualization tool is exactly what it sounds like: A type of software that's designed to help you visualize data.

Data tools come in several forms, but some of the most common include:

Data Visualization

Data dashboards:

This type of software tracks, analyzes and displays key performance indicators all in one platform.

Google Analytics

Digital graphs:

Think back to your last statistics class — graphs can come in hundreds of forms such as a bar graph, pie chart or box-and-whisker plot.



The basic visualization options offered by a traditional spreadsheet can add some clarity to a sprawling list of columns and rows.

At GeekHive, we’ll help you identify the visualization solution that makes the most sense for your needs.

Man and woman smiling and looking at smartphones

Getting started with data visualization

Consider data visualization to be the modern marketer’s own form of x-ray vision. With the right data on your side, you can get a clear look into each stage of the customer journey — and the insight you need to make it even better.

At GeekHive, we’re here to help your team make sense of data so you can unlock the power of analytics. Schedule a call with us and together we’ll navigate your data to create a next-level customer experience.