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Not too long ago, in a galaxy not very far away, marketing automation offered teams like yours the ability to engage with more customers than ever before.

Although technology will never replace the one-of-a-kind human touch your team brings to your digital experience, what it can do is help you to connect with a larger audience while also boosting your conversion and revenue.

Learn how you can unlock the power of marketing automation and transform your digital marketing strategy — no robotic copilot required.

Leveraging Automation To Power Your Marketing Efforts

If we’re not talking about automation that looks like robotic helpers, then what do we actually mean?

Marketing automation refers to the category of software that helps teams manage marketing processes — drum roll please — automatically

Automation can be introduced in nearly every digital marketing activity. The technology helps teams optimize their efforts on any channel where customer data and behavior is being collected and analyzed

It’s important to note that this technology isn't just used for better resource allocation. While marketers are still discovering new applications for automation every day, there are countless benefits your team can already unlock:



360-degree view

Automation tools will help you integrate all of the channels you're using to get a comprehensive understanding of your customer's journey. This will make it easier to lead prospects through the sales funnel and create a repeatable process that generates positive customer outcomes.

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Cross-functional collaboration

By creating an objective definition of the events in a customer's path to purchase that lead to conversion, your sales, marketing, and service teams will all have a clearer understanding of their role in the customer journey.

Analytics/Data Insights/Data Visualization

Measurable impact

As you collect and analyze data driven by marketing automation, you'll see the direct results of your marketing efforts, including where you may need to adjust your strategy.

Now that you know the benefits of a marketing automation tool, it’s time to explore how you can start applying it to your digital campaigns.

Introducing Automation To The Customer Journey

Today, customers expect a personalized experience with brands from start to finish. With automation on your side, you’ll be able to deliver just that.

While each piece of marketing automation software offers its own unique capabilities, some of the most impactful features marketers like yourself can leverage include:

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Lead management

Guiding customers throughout their purchase journey is a trademark feature of nearly every automation platform. Once you connect specific behaviors with stages in the customer journey, technology will help you to engage potential customers through personalization and content marketing.

Email Marketing

Email automation

By leveraging customer data, you can optimize your email campaigns to better speak to the unique context of each segment of your target audience.

Social Media

Social media

You've outlined a data-driven social media campaign that reflects your brand's unique voice and is sure to connect with your audience... Now what? The right marketing automation tool will help you schedule and manage your campaign, while also tracking the performance and gathering customer feedback via social listening.

Like any piece of marketing technology, automation won’t transform your business processes overnight. However, a marketing consultant can help.

Working With a Marketing Automation Expert

With a partner in all things automation, you’ll be able to understand exactly where and how to automate your processes to best benefit your marketing team and your customers.

That’s where GeekHive comes in.

As a team, we’re experts in marketing and technology, and we’re here to help you create a digital experience that unlocks the potential of the digital investments you’ve already made. As we work to uncover how automation can be applied to your customer journey, we’ll answer questions including:

What are your specific goals?: Whether it’s to better allocate your resources or to engage more customers, every piece of technology you deploy should be directly aligned with your overall marketing initiatives. 

What processes take the most time?: If your team is spending hours on data entry or manual reporting, time that could be dedicated to your customer journey is going to waste. 

What tools do you already own?: For many organizations, successful automation is just a strategy away. Understanding the features already available in your tech stack and how they can be better leveraged is half the battle.

Once we have a clear understanding of your team’s current processes and whether there are any gaps in your tech stack, we can work toward building the right solution for your organization.

Automation Software Technology Process System.

Finding The Right Marketing Automation Solution

At GeekHive, our team of marketing automation consultants are dedicated to finding the best solutions for your unique business goals. 

While our services can be customized to align with your strategic needs, just some of our end-to-end automation support includes:

Customer Experience Platform


Implementing automation successfully starts with ensuring your technology plays well with others. Together, we’ll go through your existing tech stack to ensure each piece of your software ecosystem plays off one another’s strengths.



Ensuring your technology works is just one piece of the puzzle. Educating and supporting your end users is an entirely different battle. Together, we’ll get your entire organization on board and ensure that technology is actually helping rather than hindering your team

Content Management


For teams that have long-since implemented a marketing automation platform but aren’t seeing the returns they expected, we can help. Together, we’ll dive deep into your marketing processes to understand what is and isn’t working and what we can do to get more from your technology.

At GeekHive, we believe your people are your greatest asset. The most sophisticated piece of automation technology is useless if it doesn’t directly help your team. That’s why our process is driven by your unique business goals.

As we work together to uncover your needs, our team will ensure you’re getting the full value from your automation investments.

unlocking a keyboard

Getting started with your marketing automation strategy

While the team at GeekHive may not have command over supernatural powers, what we do have is a passion for the customer experience and a deep understanding of marketing technology. 

Together, we’ll work to understand your team’s unique needs and how marketing automation can be introduced to better support both you and your customers. Whether you’re just getting started with your automation journey or are looking to optimize your existing digital investments, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re ready to unlock the full power of automation, schedule a call with the team at GeekHive today.