How do I use technology to push the boundaries?

Revolutionizing in-browser video commenting

Vipeline, is the first company to allow you to capture video commenting directly into a site from your browser without any plugins or site customization. This startup engaged GeekHive to prototype and launch their MVP, most viable product. Because this was a new concept that had not been developed yet, there was a lot of technical planning that went into it, leading to us create a custom application for video sharing.

Communication is Paramount for Success

Before working with us, Vipeline had another team who started building their prototype, but the relationship ended when they felt that their long-term creative vision and business strategy wasn’t being met. When we came on board we planned to tackle the build using an agile approach because there were a lot of moving pieces and influencers to the MVP, and we wanted to encourage the stakeholders involvement so they really felt heard. With active stakeholders and communication touch points happening so often, there was enough flexibility for the evolving project demands to ensure a successful collaboration between our teams.

To prevent issues like the one Vipeline faced with their first development team, hiring the right technical partner from the start is essential to a strong build. Consult them early on to get quicker to market products, stay on budget, and prevent headaches from occurring. Our eBook will  give you questions to ask in order to vet potential technical partners ahead of time. Feel free to use them on us!

Making the Impossible, Possible:

We broke new ground by developing a custom video capturing and encoding service built using webRTC technology in a cloud infrastructure. This allowed users to capture video directly in their browser without a plugin.  Because each browser has a different implementation of how they capture video, developing something that would work was a challenge, but we were able to get 70-80% browser coverage with the solution we developed for Vipeline.  

Through the portal and custom moderation system website owners can see all of the videos submitted to their apps, create specific filters and keywords, and see them broken down into buckets making moderation easy and efficient.

"GeekHive helped us take Vipeline to the next level and we could not have asked for more from a technical partner. Our project manager, Tim Butler, exuded professionalism at all times. His knowledge and organizational skills helped Vipeline make the right development choices for our company. GeekHive proved to us we can trust them and they have our back,  that's why we've continued to work with them for our technical support."

— Alex Hamilton CEO & Co-Founder, Vipeline

Let’s get Technical...How does it Work?

When videos are recorded, the data doesn’t leave the user’s computer, so they’re not dependant on communicating with a server in real time for the recording process, it happens entirely on their system without third party plugins.

After a video is recorded and submitted, it communicates with Vipeline’s servers to save that video to the cloud. Once there, Vipeline has a waterfall of processes that happens to the submission. The video is then re-encoded, standardizing it into a single format that we know works on as many browsers and devices as possible.

Users drop a snippet onto their sites, similar to what you can do on Facebook, to get commenting onto the site. The snippet pulls the Angular app from Vipeline’s servers and injects it onto the clients page. Snippets are either page or site specific depending on the user’s needs and align with their brand, making the app appear seamlessly alongside the site’s content.

A Major Win for Vipeline

The system we built for Vipeline allowed them to get funding for their project and take it into additional phases. The initial project took 6 months to develop and we’ve continued to work with Vipeline on those additional phases for the last 2 years as web application support with our Long Term Engagement (LTE) Team.