How do I combine my content with user-generated content?

Custom Development using Node.js

Grammy-winning rapper, producer, actor, and entrepreneur Sean Combs had a vision: integrate music-oriented television and the digital experience for those who consume music and news on-the-go. With the hole left by MTV drastically changing their business model, Combs saw an opportunity to harness real-time technology to put the power of music back in the hands of the music-loving social media consumer to effect social change amongst youth. He began his quest on Twitter and Instagram but needed a solution to seamlessly link social media with a dynamic website and cable television.

Where did he turn to help bring this vision to life? World-renowned digital agency Huge Inc. and its trusted technology partner, GeekHive.

The Challenge: A Blended Approach

Combs sought to integrate user-submitted content with broadcast news, features, and curated media. Within this new environment, known as Revolt.TV, the delivery of broadcast news alongside crowd-sourced content had to be curated in a modern and user-friendly way. Combs wanted a site that would be responsive across all devices and balance passive background play (like TV and radio) with interactive user engagement.

A Single Page Application Built on Node.js

We decided on an infinite feed model within a single-page application as the core solution. With this model, the user would rarely have to leave the trunk URL, which would help reinforce the brand and user experience.

Since the infinite feed solution required heavy front-end programming, Node.js was selected as the development platform. It’s a great fit for AJAX-heavy, single-page apps that process many requests with low response times, and supports Javascript.

Changing the Way We Think about Digital Experience

Now viewed by over 50 millions people, Revolt TV is the #1 name is music. The responsive website and its “social by design” approach is live, direct, and always available - anytime, anywhere, on any screen. With the help of Huge and ourselves, Revolt.TV has changed the way we think about broadcast and the digital user experience.

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Revolt.TV Website
Revolt.TV Website
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