Breaking into the Mobile User market

EyeSave makes fashion affordable by offering customers low prices on designer sunglasses and eyewear from their favorite brands. We have a long-standing relationship with EyeSave, working as their technical implementation team over the last 12 years. Eyesave approached us to help modernize their existing eCommerce site (which we custom built for them years ago) and re-platform their outdated store to a responsive site using BigCommerce.

We worked to implement high powered analytics, drive demand, and enhance the delivery experience of their products to customers. We also integrated MarTech tools like Olark for chat functionality to improve user experience for those shopping on the go.  The result is a highly engaging shopping experience (via desktop and mobile) that personalizes suggestions for customers based on browsing history across their web journey, first while shopping on Eyesave, then through targeted social and email campaigns using their marketing automation tool.

  • Content Management Systems
  • eCommerce Implementation
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • Mobile and Web Analytics
  • Personalization
  • Social Integration
  • Live Chat Functionality
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Keeping Back-End Functionality Consistent  

For this project, we rebuilt their entire storefront using Bigcommerce. Bigcommerce was the best eCommerce platform for this project for several reasons including price point, feature set, and the availability of a wide variety of themes to build upon. Using a theme from the Bigcommerce wheelhouse as a starting point, we customized it to fit the EyeSave brand and the effort modernized the entire look and feel of their site.

While we developed the storefront, EyeSave wanted to continue to use the custom back-end order management system we built them initially, so we needed to find a way to integrate the back-end order system with the new storefront without affecting any of the back-end functionality. To keep the fulfillment teams processes uninterrupted, we wrote custom code to allow customer orders to leave Bigcommerce and enter the existing back-end system automatically. To those working in their warehouse, it appears that no changes have been made at all, just as EyeSave requested.

Data Migration Tool Supports Business Objectives

EyeSave has a catalog of 30,000 products that change at varying degrees depending on the time of the year. We wrote a data migration tool that automatically synchronizes data between Bigcommerce and EyeSave’s catalog by scanning for changes and pushing any changes through without reloading the entire catalog. This saves time for the content management team and prevents errors associated with manual input delays.

For events that have a lot of volume or traffic, we modified the code to allow for an enhanced synchronization process to ensure that the product catalog stays up to date and sales begin and end at appropriate times. For example, it could really affect revenue if a Black Friday sale went on for longer than it should, this automatic data sync prevents that from happening.


On day one of their site launch, EyeSave saw their conversion rate double sitewide! They are also reaching more users in the mobile market and their warehouse staff was happy because they were not disrupted by any of the changes.

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