“How do I handle a multilingual site with several integrations?”

Multilingual Content & Complex Integration on Sitecore CMS

The American College of Cardiology (ACC) a 43,000-member nonprofit medical professional society that is leading the way to optimal cardiovascular care and disease. One of the ways that ACC believes that this can be done is by created an informed public. ACC had recently created a resource website for doctors and students, called CardioSource. In partnership with design agency Enforme Interactive, we implemented the new CardioSmart website on Sitecore's Enterprise CMS system; a sophisticated tool for multilingual content management and complex integrations with other sites.

A Site with a Mission  

ACC engaged us to build a comprehensive website for patients that would empower them with information on how to prevent, manage and treat various cardiovascular diseases. The site would give heart patients and their caregivers all the right tools for logging vitals signs, monitoring food intake, exercise, blood pressure, and then tracking their progress through treatment. It would be a resource for heart medications and options based on individual preferences and tolerances.

Since the medical field is a rapidly changing world of information, we designed and built an automated migration system to import updated content from their partner site, Healthwise ensuring website visitors always had the most cutting-edge information available. The new website would make use of Sitecore’s enterprise CMS to easily manage and translate content into more than one language. In addition to the tools it would provide, it would also be a resource for heart medications with various options delivered based on an individual’s elected preferences and tolerances. A social aspect was also needed so that CardioSmart site users could join discussions on specific topics on site.

To use the site to its fullest capacity, patients are urged to register and choose their topics of interest, creating a mutually useful database for research and communications from the ACC.  Individuals create a dashboard where they can keep track of their achievements with a health log and toolbox. They can even earn points by participating in website challenges and redeem them in an integrated “store.”

Helping the World Stay Healthy

Quizzes and graphs help users make individual preference decisions about medications and more. A searchable database of definitions and medications complete with photos of each for easy identification is only one of the Healthwise contributions to the site. Newsletter sign up for ongoing communication and engagement is available and there is an easy toggle between English and Spanish. All in all, our final website is a very interactive, personalized and valuable resource for any heart patient in the world.

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