GeekHive Open-Source Technical Lead Becomes a Pantheon Hero

The Pantheon Heroes Advocacy Program welcomes another contributor to the open-source technology community.

Website hosting platform Pantheon has welcomed Drew Nackers, our resident open-source development expert, into the Pantheon Heroes Advocacy Program for his advanced technical skills and generous contributions to the programming community.

As the Technical Lead of our LAMP (Linux, APache, MySQL, PHP) practice at GeekHive, Drew has wide-ranging expertise in several open-source programming languages. He brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to client engagements, thanks to years of experience building custom technology solutions on Drupal and other open-source content management systems. He promotes collaborative and innovative code development with his team, as well as with the greater Open Web community.


Pantheon Heroes Program symbol


The Pantheon Heroes Advocacy Program identifies professionals within the open-source community who voluntarily dedicate their time, knowledge and skills to:

  • Actively support and educate members of the Open Web

  • Provide Pantheon technical resources for Drupal and WordPress users

  • Contribute to the advancement of open-source programming

As a Pantheon Hero, Drew gains insider access to Pantheon news, product announcements, events, and professional development opportunities. 

Advocating collaboration among Pantheon users, Drew regularly participates in online forums, trains developers, shares working code examples, and creates instructional reference materials for his peers. He has also presented “Why Open Source Matters” at one of our GeekHive company events and has interviewed Steve Persch of Pantheon to shed light on the advantages that Pantheon brings to the open-source practice.

For years, Drew has championed the effort to make open-source development more accessible and available to all developers. He states, “The best code is written as a community, not as an individual.” Our team at GeekHive proudly acknowledges the steadfast commitment and passion that Drew invests into the open-source community, and recognizes his masterful ability at leveraging Pantheon to support digital experiences for our clients.


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