GeekHive Open-Source Technical Lead Becomes a Pantheon Hero

WARWICK, NY, May 21, 2019 -- GeekHive proudly announces the acceptance of Technical Lead Drew Nackers into the Pantheon Heroes Advocacy Program for his valuable contributions to the Drupal and WordPress open-source development communities. The Pantheon Heroes Program honors programming professionals who voluntarily dedicate their time, expertise, and talents toward the continual advancement of the Open Web ecosystem.  


Leading the LAMP practice at GeekHive, Drew actively contributes to the open-source development community through technical blog articles, training resources, company presentations, and online community forums. An avid participant in Pantheon networking channels and messaging boards, Drew stays informed with the latest industry updates, product releases, and technical information to discover opportunities for GeekHive clients that can optimize their technology investments. 


“Drew not only advocates the advantages of Pantheon for new client engagements, but also considers the added value that open-source development can bring to existing partnerships,” said Michael Caccavano, Chief Experience Officer at GeekHive. “His commitment to technical excellence within the Pantheon community is evident in the success of his work and we are delighted to see his efforts recognized.”


As a Premier Pantheon Partner, GeekHive offers open-source development support, technical implementation, and consultation services to companies that are seeking to optimize or upgrade their Drupal or Wordpress technology platforms. With proficiency in numerous open-source programming languages, Drew shares his technical knowledge with GeekHive colleagues as well as with the greater open-source community. Drew is a strong proponent of the knowledge-sharing and supportive culture that Pantheon encourages, noting, “The best code is written as a community, not as an individual.”


Pantheon Heroes Program


The Open Web community is known for fostering collaboration among programmers, relying upon shared knowledge for the iterative development and improvement of open-source code. Through the establishment of its Heroes Program, Pantheon provides a communal forum for Drupal and WordPress developers to exchange ideas, share insights, and collaborate on projects in promotion of the open-source community. Recognized for giving back to the open-source community, Pantheon Heroes receive exclusive access to Pantheon events, giveaways, product reveals, and professional growth opportunities.