GeekHive Presents ROI Advantage of Personalized Customer Journey

NEW YORK, April 3, 2019 -- GeekHive presents a live demonstration of "Grandeur Journey" at the MarTech West 2019 Conference in San Jose, CA to showcase one-to-one customer journey orchestration through the alignment of integrated platforms within the martech stack. From April 3-5, the MarTech West Conference brings marketing professionals together to network, share ideas, and learn about the latest trends, insights, best practices, and products emerging on the marketing technology landscape.


As a digital business consultancy offering martech solutions, GeekHive invites MarTech West attendees to experience personalized multichannel experiences, first-hand, with its customer journey-based digital demonstration. Peter Ladka, President and CEO of GeekHive, stated, "We are excited to share our marketing technology capabilities at MarTech West that focus on customer experience and journey orchestration to help deliver personalized experiences for your customers and increase your ROI."


By aligning the various platforms of the martech stack, GeekHive helps marketing organizations streamline their technologies to deliver seamless customer journeys that rely on behavioral data to personalize the user experience and deepen customer engagement. For the purposes of demonstration, the martech stack of the Grandeur Demo includes technology platforms commonly used by marketing organizations: Sitecore (CMS), Salesforce (CRM), Marketo (Marketing Automation), Acquia Lift (Personalization), and Acquia Journey (Orchestration). GeekHive, however, is notably a technology-agnostic company capable of optimizing any combination of marketing technology platforms for its clients.


Ladka noted, "Marketers are struggling with fragmented data from disconnected platforms and organizational silos, and not sure where to start. To offer a solution to this common predicament, our team at GeekHive devised a system to sort through the clutter, organize the martech stack and optimize the tools and technologies essential to your business."


GeekHive's marketing technology services address the need for brands to adopt a mindset focused on the customer journey and to use real-time data to drive personalized customer experiences.