Introducing an Exclusive Martech Service Offer at Gartner Xpo


Lindsey Rogers By Lindsey Rogers, Content Manager

As a featured solution provider at the Gartner Marketing Symposium/Xpo in San Diego, April 29-May 1, GeekHive introduces its Martech Stack Assessment & Recommendations Service as a practical martech service solution for companies who are struggling to realize the full potential of their marketing investments.


Join GeekHive's President & CEO, Peter Ladka, and Director of Partner Alliances, Jim King, for a complimentary consultation session to learn how our Martech Stack Assessment & Recommendations Service can help you get more value out of your marketing technologies and increase your return on investment.


Serving as an entry point into GeekHive's various consultation offerings, the Martech Stack Assessment & Recommendations Service provides objective-led technology solutions for marketing professionals looking to:

  • Get more value out of an existing martech stack

  • Receive platform implementation support and guidance

  • Find new marketing technologies to meet business needs


Offered at an attractive price point, this introductory consultation service evaluates your existing marketing technology platforms to identify opportunities and engineer solutions that will unlock the power of your martech stack.


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