3 Keynote Insights from MarTech West 2019


Lindsey Rogers By Lindsey Rogers, Content Manager

The MarTech West Conference 2019 offers an insider's look into the current state of the marketing technology industry and sets expectations for new trends to emerge. 

In his keynote address entitled, “Martech 2020: Succeeding in the Next Decade of Marketing,” Conference Chair Scott Brinker shared in-depth insights into the booming expansion of today's martech landscape as well as the anticipated trends for the year ahead: 


1)  Gain Autonomy with Agility

Consider transforming your digital ecosystem with open technology platforms that are flexible enough to integrate with your other various systems and extensible enough to scale with your business.


2)  Adapt to Thrive

Be open-minded to emerging trends and technologies that encourage collaboration and improve operational efficiency across your entire business model.


3)  Take Advantage of Customization

Look for technology products and services that value your brand identity and your unique vision, with the technical capacity to support your target objectives.


Brinker noted that the full gamut of marketing technology companies is steadily growing in number and variety, now exceeding 7,040 with no end in sight. Yet with so many options available, marketers are left wondering how to optimize their technologies, or even where to begin.


So, how do you identify the marketing platforms that should comprise your ideal martech stack?

First, you should consider whether or not the existing marketing technology platforms within your martech stack are ideal for your business. Are they supporting or hampering your productivity? Take inventory of the features that you currently have available to you as well as those that you would like to acquire. 


A trusted technology partner can help you sort through the crowded martech landscape to find the right solutions for your business and optimize your marketing technology investments. GeekHive does just that. Which is why, at MarTech West, we are right in our element: inspired by the conversations that we are having, the sessions that we are attending, and the ideas that we are sharing. 


To learn more about our marketing technology services, connect with our team and find out how we can help your business get greater value out of your martech stack.