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A Custom Wordpress Redesign for SleepSells

Serta Simmons Bedding (SSB), a giant in the mattress industry, engaged longtime agency partner three® to help them engage an often overlooked audience—the mattress salesperson. The result was SleepSells, a content marketing site that provides the latest sales tools and tips from industry leaders, consumers and fellow sales associates. The site was a huge success as retail sales associates were signing up from all over the country to be educated, entertained and engaged. The site had very quickly outgrown its original setup and three® was looking to include new features and tracking capabilities. three® turned to GeekHive to lead all technical efforts, from CMS evaluation to implementation, with an objective to improve site performance, enhance user-engagement and promote a constant stream of dialogue among associates, and to provide helpful selling tools and content to retail sales associates (RSAs).

Angie Vaughn, Group Account Director three®

“The folks working on SleepSells are true partners. It always feels like the work we’re doing is as important to them as it is to our agency and our client. They always work to understand what we need and strive to find the best solution. To put it simply, they just get it.” Angela Vaughn, Group Account Director three® 


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GeekHive's SleepSells Case Study Homepage Photo: Custom Wordpress Redesign

Martech Analytics Tool

Analytic abilities are a major need for the SleepSells team so we chose Intelligence for Wordpress as their analytics tool. With so many analytics tools available, we landed on Intelligence because it helps three® better visualize their users’ habits on the site and understand which content is most engaging.

One of the goals of the site was to drive engagement, but measuring this through old custom reports had been a very cumbersome process. Within Intelligence, these engagements are now scored and compiled in one easy-to-use interface. Based on this data, they are going to use the information to better engage users and improve their site experience. For example, they can see who the most valuable users are to create specialized programs for these RSAs. This data also helps identify site content that resonates best with users so they can build on it for future content.


Before GeekHive took over web support for SleepSells, a previous partner had deployed the site in a self-hosted Windows environment where performance, maintenance, and security issues were impeding progress. Oftentimes they experienced slow and unreliable transitions, long load times, and the nightly backup they needed to perform either didn’t happen or didn’t run smoothly.

We migrated SleepSells over to Pantheon, a premier WordPress and Drupal hosting provider . We’ve worked with Pantheon on several Drupal and WordPress projects and know they offer a secure, reliable option to our customers.

The site is now able to take advantage of Pantheon’s tools like Redis (an in-memory data structure store) and Varnish for increased site speed and performance. They also use Pantheon’s new global edge caching, a much more fine-grained approach that allows sites to clear specific pages in an archive automatically. Using the different development environments, Pantheon offers (dev, test, and live) with separate databases for each allows for more streamlined development and code deployment, which saves money on site maintenance.

Custom Plugins

GeekHive created custom plugins with the ability to change the look and feel without changing the functionality of the site. The plugins we created really pushed the limits of what WordPress can do, and the results for SleepSells have been amazing.

Custom Registration Plugin

  • Allows users to register across multiple, custom roles with varying rules and permissions.
  • Enables store-level reporting by giving RSAs the option to register via a unique ID or using a ZIP code search.
  • Sends custom HTML email notifications upon registration of new users.

Profile Page Plugin

  • Completely custom profile management page designed to allow users to manage their personal information.
    • RSAs can view the store they belong to as well as contact information for their SSB sales representative
    • Users can set email preferences and interests, which are tied to MailChimp for a more personalized experience
    • Users can view and manage their favorited posts as well as helpful resources

Resources Page Plugin

  • Custom page that provides users various resources, based on their role, to assist with their job responsibilities such as product videos, brochures, and sell sheets

Filterbar Plugin

  • Allows users to filter articles by various categories and sort by most viewed, most comments, and highest rated
  • Allows for general text search
  • Category is pre-populated for category pages allowing filtering to happen automatically on a given page

Import Plugin

  • Nightly import of CSV file provided by SSB
    • Creates new stores in the system
    • Assigns RSSs (Regional Sales Specialists) to stores
    • Removes old stores and cleans up artifacts
    • Fail-safe measures put into place
      • If something goes wrong during import, everything is rolled back safely to prevent issues

Related Posts

  • Displays related posts by category.

Financial Calculator

  • Allows RSAs to break down mattress prices according to financing options


  • Notifies a user when another user replies to their comment or comments on the same article

WordPress Community Plugins

In addition to the custom plugins we created, we also leveraged several community plugins to help SleepSells reach their goals.  

Favorites Page Plugin

  • Users are able to mark various articles on the site as a “favorite” and then view them all in one place with the ability to “unfavorite” previously-favorited articles

Redux Framework

  • Global site configuration for theme options and management

Advanced Custom Fields

  • Allowed us to provide custom fields on post types

Slickquiz/Quiz Master

  • Used for various polls
  • Helps SSB gain feedback from RSAs and also run high-engagement contests and sweepstakes


  • Used to sync users and specific user data created in WP to MailChimp

Post Preview

  • Limited what non-authenticated users could see in terms of post content


  • Users have the ability to rate each post on the site as well as see what other users have rated it


  • Wrote completely custom theme using Bourbon, Neat, Bitters
    • SASS
    • Gulp

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