Getting used to your new Sitecore platform or diving into developing on Sitecore for the first time can be overwhelming. Consistency is key to a successful project, so it’s absolutely vital that you learn to use Sitecore quickly and effectively.

In this handy guide, we’ve compiled a series of tutorials from Developer Tim Leverett’s popular Sitecore how-to posts designed to help you learn how to use Sitecore CMS.

Volume 1 of a Sitecore Survival Guide is geared towards basic Sitecore competency and includes the following topics:

  • How to Login to Sitecore CMS
  • How to Log out of Sitecore CMS
  • How to Reset the Administrator Password in Sitecore
  • How to Open the Content Editor in Sitecore
  • How to Manage Desktop Shortcuts in Sitecore
  • How to Create Items in Sitecore
  • How to Create Folders in Sitecore
  • How to Configure Item Icons in Sitecore
  • How to View Standard Fields in Sitecore
  • How to Name Items in Sitecore

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