Tauck Digitally Transforms the Travel Experience with GeekHive

ORLANDO, FL, November 27, 2019 -- Tauck, a world-leader in premium quality guided tours and cruises, took the stage at the annual Sitecore Symposium digital marketing conference in Orlando, Florida on November 5, 2019 to share its story of digital transformation. Chris Greco, Senior Manager of Digital Media and Content and Jared Zech, Director of Digital and Direct Marketing at Tauck co-presented, “Personalized Travel Experiences: Explore What Lies Beyond the Ordinary” with Peter Ladka, President and CEO of GeekHive, the travel company’s consulting partner. 


For nearly a century, Tauck has captivated guests with one-of-a-kind land, ocean, and river journeys across the globe. Looking to translate these customer-focused experiences into the digital world, Tauck enlisted marketing technology consultancy GeekHive to lead its digital transformation.  


“Like many other businesses who have invested in Sitecore technology, Tauck had the right tools to support its aspirations yet lacked the experience needed to utilize their full potential,” noted Peter Ladka of GeekHive.


Combining expertise in digital strategy, technical implementation and platform integration, the GeekHive team provided critical insight into optimization opportunities for Tauck that would digitally enhance the customer experience. GeekHive launched Sitecore Experience Platform, a robust and scalable digital experience platform that supports advanced content management capabilities, most notably personalization. 


“With Sitecore Experience Platform, we can now deliver the same meaningfully authentic and personalized customer journeys online as we are committed to delivering offline with our guided tours and cruises,” stated Zech. 


A strategic Sitecore implementation partner, GeekHive devised a roadmap that would enable Tauck to progressively leverage the advanced features of its digital experience platform, from quick resolutions to steady growth and future development. From a holistic marketing technology viewpoint, the consultancy also took actionable measures to ensure the proper integration of the platform within the context of Tauck’s digital marketing ecosystem. 


“The GeekHive team has helped us leverage the platform in such a way that mirrors the ‘beyond ordinary’ experiences that Tauck has been known to create for nearly a century,” stated Chris Greco of Tauck. “And as we look toward the future, our vision is to continually enhance and blend the customer’s online and offline tour experiences.”


Sitecore Symposium, Tauck Customer Showcase
Sitecore Symposium 2019, Tauck Customer Showcase (from left to right): Chris Greco of Tauck, Peter Ladka of GeekHive, Paige O'Neill of Sitecore, and Jared Zech of Tauck.


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