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Digital Transformation is a complex business initiative that is commonly associated with how an organization is empowered through digital technology to bring value to customers, often requiring a cultural and strategic shift within an organization.

“Start-ups can increase revenue by 34% relying on digital-first strategies, with all enterprises increasing revenue by 23% with new product and service offerings being the largest contributor to revenue growth across all companies.” - Forbes

The GeekHive Digital Maturity Assessment is a tool that helps your organization understand and find direction across what we refer to as the five dimensions of an organization — Strategy, Culture, Customer, Operations, and Technology. This assessment helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of each dimension to provide strategic guidance for your organization on your digital transformation journey.

“80% of consumers say they’re more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experience - a key component of digital transformation & maturity.” - AdAge


Strategy represents your organizations focus on strategic imperatives, digital roadmap, SMART goals, resources, staff numbers and skill sets.


Culture represents your organizations focus on talent management, stakeholder vision, budget support, innovation, risk appetite and attention to change management.


Customer represents how effectively your organization engages with your customer, the experience they receive from you, and how you use the data you collect to drive your digital strategy.


Operations drives and executes the digital strategy of an organization and will directly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your goals.


Technology measures the ability to build new services, implement and assess new technology and measures the agility and support of your platforms within your organization.