GeekHive Technical Leads are Awarded Sitecore MVP Title

February 8, 2019

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Sitecore Grants its 2019 Technical “MVP” Award to Two GeekHive Developers


GeekHive is proud to recognize Technical Leads John Rappel and Steve Vandenbush as recipients of Sitecore’s 2019 Most Valuable Professional “MVP” Technology Award. Hand-selected from over 12,000 certified programmers, John and Steve have been given the distinct honor of being awarded Sitecore “MVP” for their consistent dedication, support and contribution to the Sitecore community.


Active participants of several Sitecore developer networks, John and Steve keep on top of the latest product releases and advanced technological features that Sitecore brings to market. As practice leads at GeekHive, they collaborate within production circles and cross-functionally throughout the company to help inform technical strategy and execute high-level programming tasks. In a true sense of camaraderie and collaboration, John and Steve share their impressive technical skills with other Sitecore users, generously offering their time, energy and talents to colleagues and clients, alike.


In fact, 2019 marks the second consecutive year in which John has received the title of Sitecore Technical MVP. A dedicated Sitecore developer, John leads a local Sitecore user group and writes blog posts about recent Sitecore discoveries on the GeekHive website, as well as on his own website: SitecoreRap. Sparing no small detail, John often includes play-by-play video footage of his website deployments and outlines complex development workflows to the benefit of his readers.


Whether detailing the intricacies of a programmer task or conversing with clients about a new platform implementation, John and Steve have a knack for articulating the business advantages of the products and services that GeekHive offers. Many of the posts that Steve has written for our blog translate highly-technical processes into accessible, meaningful language that demonstrates the impact of our work on an organization’s business results.


Proud of their hard-earned Sitecore accomplishments, GeekHive is grateful for John and Steve’s contribution to the company as well as to the programming industry at large. Their technical posts on the GeekHive website are renowned within the Sitecore community as credible resources and knowledge banks for .NET programmers. Last year, our compendium of Sitecore blog posts included:


Index Modular Content in Sitecore with SIRC NuGet Package

Sitecore Event Queue Visual Diagram

TDS Validators – Translated Text Has Corresponding Dictionary Entry

Custom Site Rule and Macro

A Quick-Start Guide to SiteCron’s Scheduled Task Execution

Sitecore Azure DevOps (VSTS) Build and Release Templates

Sitecore Headless and JSS


At GeekHive, we are proud to have John and Steve on our team, leveraging their skills to help clients get the most out of their Sitecore builds. The Sitecore Most Valuable Professional Technology Award is a testament to the hard-earned efforts and steadfast commitment that John and Steve have put forth into the Sitecore community. A well-deserved congratulations!


Read the full press release.

Lindsey Rogers

Content Manager
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