The Best of GeekHive 2018

December 17, 2018

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Best of GeekHive 2018

The end of the year is always a time of introspection and reflection, and in this post, we’re taking a look back at the best content we posted in 2018. But it’s not just about looking back and celebrating what we’ve accomplished this year–we’re setting the stage for even bigger and better things to come in 2019!


Geekhive Launches Martech Enablement Service

GeekHive President/CEO Peter Ladka rolled out a new product offering at the Acquia Engage event to showcase the company’s full pivot to becoming The Martech Enablement Company. In this blog post announcement, we touched upon the details for Project Grandeur, which attracted a lot of attention at the show thanks to the integration of a number of martech tools.

The Power of Personalization

Pretty much every advanced marketing metric shows that personalized content and customer experiences equate to better brand interactions, better customer satisfaction, and more return customers to your enterprise. Conversely, that means better return on your marketing investment and higher overall revenue for your enterprise. In this blog post, our Martech Enablement Creative Strategist Brandon Mosley lays out the case for personalization.

Demystifying Digital Transformation Series

In this four-part blog series, we take a deep dive into all aspects of digital transformation for those organizations looking to achieve digital maturity: introducing you to the basics, as well as what roadblocks to avoid; how to know if you’re ready to invest in Martech Enablement; how to achieve digital transformation from an organizational standpoint; and how it can help improve your bottom line.

Realizing ROMI Series

Getting the best return on your organization’s marketing investment (ROMI) is a cornerstone policy of any CMO worth their salt. In this four-part blog series, we posit several key questions that marketing org leaders should keep top of mind when it comes to their investments in new tools and technologies. First, are they really seeing any value from their martech investments? Where and how do you find the best technologies? How do you go about implementing martech? And finally, what tips does GeekHive have for getting more value from your martech investment?



GDPR Cheat Sheet

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was an international game-changer for how companies can leverage the personal data of EU citizens going forward, severely limiting the scope of what’s allowed. In this topical strategy post, GeekHive Chief Technology Officer Jay Oliver provides a cheat sheet on how digital marketing organizations and other entities with business in the EU will have to rethink how they operate with these new regulations in place.

A Guide to Marketing Engagement Tools for your Enterprise

When it comes to building the martech stack for your enterprise, there are a host of engagement tools to choose from. In this important Technology post, we present a rundown of the various engagement tools available to our clients, with an overview of how their capabilities can best serve your digital marketing efforts, depending on your respective needs and goals.



Sitecore Azure DevOps (VSTS) Build and Release Templates

What a benefit it is for us, and more importantly our clients, that we have John Rappel, our very own Sitecore Technical MVP on staff. The .NET Practice Lead serves as a key contributor to our blog, and his expertise in Sitecore can’t be denied. In this Sitecore-themed post, John provides insights on establishing a variety of quick-start templates to reduce setup time.

Sitecore Event Queue Visual Diagram

To help clear up some common misconceptions about Sitecore’s powerful Event Queue technology, check out this animation focused on the main operation and execution of Event Queue within a Sitecore Stack.

A Quick-Start Guide to SiteCron’s Scheduled Task Execution

If your development projects require you to run various tasks (ie, jobs) at a set time, you’ll want to read this quick-start guide. In it, we illustrate how to implement SiteCron, a reliable tool for coordinating tasks that boasts a relatively painless implementation process, and runs down the features and benefits of this time-saving integration.

Custom Site Rules and Macro

Out of the box, Sitecore has a great number of conditions, actions, and macros you can use. In this blog post from Technical Lead Steve VandenBush, we explain the ways to make things more specific to your business needs, and clearer for the editors, while ultimately creating your own rules and macros within Sitecore’s powerful Rules Engine.

Approach to Organizing Datasource Items in a Sitecore Multisite Solution

In the developer world, there is such a thing as “too much content”- especially when it starts to clutter your data tree and threatens the project’s organization. To that end, Developer Michelle Banzer poses a solution for organizing your Sitecore datasource items that allows for the ability to reuse them across multiple sites.



Get More Out of Your Technology Partner with an Allocation Based Project Approach

When starting any development project, you should consider an allocation-based approach to fulfill your organization’s needs and keep communication channels flowing while staying on budget. Stakeholders will appreciate the more collaborative and strategic process on both sides of the table.

5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Remote Teams

Don’t get anxious over having to bring in external remote teams: Director of Account Management Tim Butler provides 5 tips for managing off-site resource teams, and how to migrate your company’s culture of success to include remote contributors.

3 Ways Your Agency Can Sell More Digital

Digital transformation can be a daunting, overwhelming task. But in this blog post, we share three tried and true tips for helping clients navigate the tools, technologies, and platforms that are available to support your strategic digital efforts in the martech realm.


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