GeekHive Launches Martech Enablement Service

October 31, 2018

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GeekHive: The Martech Enablement Company is going all-in on the martech space, with a brand new service offering and a branding update to go along with it. Here’s everything you need to know about this latest offering from GeekHive, and where you’ll be able to see it in action.

Introducing Grandeur: Our Martech Enablement Showcase

GeekHive CEO/President Peter Ladka is proud to announce the debut of Grandeur, a new product offering from his digital technical agency to showcase the team’s martech capabilities, just in time for a major live demo at the upcoming Acquia Engage event at the Fairmont Hotel in Austin, Texas Nov. 7-9. Now dubbed GeekHive: The Martech Enablement Company, the agency looks to leverage its expertise in marketing technology and strategy to gain a foothold in the burgeoning, ever-growing martech space.

“GeekHive partners with companies who are struggling to realize the potential of their marketing technology investment,” says Ladka. “We connect people, processes and technology to deliver the right information, at the right time. That helps build brands, market products and services, and assist the sales organization. We are The Martech Enablement Company.”

See Martech Enablement in Action at Acquia Engage

The new service launch comes just in time for the Acquia Engage event on Nov. 7-9, where Peter Ladka and the GeekHive team will make the case for Martech Enablement. The team will host live demonstrations of Grandeur, a martech-enabled website that seamlessly integrates the power of Acquia, Marketo, Sitecore, and Salesforce. The result?  A stellar customer journey experience, and better management and automation of digital marketing assets. Interested parties can visit GeekHive during the Acquia Engage event for more information.

“As the President and CEO of GeekHive, I often find myself in a position of tackling some of the more complicated aspects of digital transformation with my clients. From managing organizational roadblocks to dealing with the nuts and bolts of stack integration, I’m intimately acquainted with the trials and tribulations of the journey toward digital transformation,” says Ladka, who recently published the eBook, A CMO’S 6-STEP GUIDE TO MARTECH ENABLEMENT. “I’ve set out to distill some of this battle-tested knowledge to give an insider’s perspective and expert’s roadmap for what business leaders can do to help drive effective digital transformation within their marketing departments and across their entire organization.”

Download Our Martech Enablement eBook Now

Did we mention Peter Ladka authored an eBook? A CMO’S 6-STEP GUIDE TO MARTECH ENABLEMENT is a must-read for marketing leaders in search of digital transformation for their organizations. For marketing professionals, the stakes have never been higher. Organizations failing to effectively adapt their programs and processes for a digital world are finding themselves struggling to stay relevant. With thousands of digital agency partners and martech tools to choose from, digital maturity can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be. Leverage the strategies presented in this eBook to get started on your digital transformation journey today. And don’t forget to join GeekHive: The Martech Enablement Company President/CEO Peter Ladka at Acquia Engage Nov. 7-9 to see a live demo of an exciting new martech service.

To learn more about Martech Enablement, download the eBook here.


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