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July 13, 2018

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GeekHive Fun Friday Five Friday the 13th Edition

Well, it was going to happen eventually—it’s a GeekHive Fun Friday Five Friday the 13th edition, the superstitious holiday owned by pop culture’s favorite hockey mask-clad maniac, Jason Voorhees. And if you’re anything like us, your weekend plans are probably packed, like say…with a camping trip to a wooded lake area?! Good luck with that! We won’t be going ANYWHERE near a forest, body of water or campground this weekend. Instead, we’ll be celebrating like we always do—reading about cool stuff on the Internet. It’s time for another edition of the GeekHive Fun Friday Five (#GHFF5), a look at five offbeat, hysterical or just plain fun science and tech stories from around the web. (Trust us: There’s no WiFi at Camp Crystal Lake, so best to just stay in this weekend.)



Talk about a housing boom: A team of French scientists and engineers recently unveiled the first 3D printed home that’s ready for habitation in the city of Nantes, as part of a collaboration between city officials, the University of Nantes and the local housing authorities. The four-bedroom home boasts 1,0022 square feet for the family of five that’s moving in. It was constructed by a French “builderbot” using a new process that took just over two days to complete! It’s environmentally friendlier than traditional construction methods, and it’s 20 percent cheaper; the total for this house came in around $207,000. C’est très magnifique! (Check out the video for the full story.)


Jun Kamei is a self-described “biomimicry designer” from Japan with a background in product design and material science research. Combining his interest in the natural world with a futurist belief that humanity might be living amphibiously by 2100 because of rising oceans caused by climate change, Kamai recently unveiled his latest invention, and it’s simply breathtaking. Or more accurately, it’s breath giving: The Amphibio, “a gill garment for our aquatic future.” According to his website, “Amphibio is a 3D printed amphibious garment which functions as a gill. Designed for a future where humankind lives in very close proximity to water, it provides daily comfort to people who spend as much time in the water as on the land.” And it’s waaaay more fashionable than Aquaman’s orange scales and green fins! (Check out the video to see more.)


UK-based product design student Archie O’Brien spent the past year designing and creating a functional underwater jetpack, dubbed the CUDA. The 3D-printed apparatus can propel swimmers at a top speed of 8 miles per hour underwater. Created using a host of 3D-printed components and O’Brien’s custom-designed propulsion system, the CUDA jetpack goes into production starting in 2019, and besides the recreational aspect, there’s plenty of practical applications as well, such as underwater research and search-and-rescue. Someone should introduce Archie and Jun—their respective aquatic inventions go together like chocolate and peanut butter! (Check out the full story.)


There’s a new player in the growing field of “flying cars”: Palo Alto-based firm Opener recently unveiled its BlackFly vehicle, which doesn’t require a pilot’s license to operate. (Calling it a “flying car” is a bit of misnomer because it does not travel on the road at all; it’s more of a one-person aircraft.) The BlackFly currently travels for up to 25 miles, with a top speed of just over 60mph. Powered by “eight propulsion systems, spread across two wings,” Blackfly performs best when taking off and landing on grassy surfaces. The “driver” (pilot?) has total control from the cockpit, but it can be set into autonomous mode as well. One question: How long till I can Uber one of these? (Check out the full story.)


In this topsy-turvy chaotic worlds, sometimes you just need a little perspective to find a bit of peace. Luckily, NASA and other space agencies from around the world keep sharing the amazing images that they continuously capture with some of the most sophisticated technology in the galaxy. For your viewing pleasure this fine Fun Friday, we direct you to some out-of-this-world space photography, guaranteed to make you feel like the final frontier isn’t so far away after all. 3, 2, 1…blast off! (Check out the slideshow.)

That’s all we’ve got for you in this week’s edition of the GeekHive Fun Friday Five. Thanks for spending your Friday the 13th with us; have fun with your buddy Jason up at the lake this weekend! See you back here next week with all-new fun tech and science stories to geek out over.

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