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July 6, 2018

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GeekHive's Fun Friday Five Pool Party

When the mercury hits 90 degrees and above, there’s only one thing you can do: Chill out! Summer blazes ahead full bore, as we’re in the midst of the worst heatwave of the year. The only way to survive the scorching temps is to cozy up in your geek cave and soak up the air conditioning. Those electric bills got you down? Get yourself a kiddie pool and dip your toes in the front yard. No property? No problem—there’s always ice cream! Whatever you do to beat the heat, just remember: It’s also the weekend, so that means it’s time to goof off and look at cool stuff on the Internet. Time for the GeekHive Fun Friday Five (#GHFF5), a quick rundown of five fun tech-related stories from around the web this week. To quote Mr. Freeze from the terrible “Batman & Robin” movie:


Mr Freeze meme


There’s nothing more precious than your personal smartphone—and an inventive German engineering student has come up with a great way to protect it beyond just a mere case. Inspired by his own shattered iPhone, Philip Franzel created a so-called “mobile airbag.” Dubbed the “ADCase” (Active Dampening Case), it won a prestigious award from the German Society of Mechatronics. The ADCase uses sensors to note when a phone is in freefall. It then deploys a set of tiny metal legs that serve as shock absorbers for the falling iPhone. Franzel already patented the technology and launched an official site for the product; look for a Kickstarter launch sometime in July, with a final price tag and release date to be announced. (Can I get one of these for my toddler for when she falls out of bed?) (Go here for the full story.)


The Hall of Presidents, It’s a Small World and more of your favorite Disney attractions could wind up getting tech upgrades for the ages if Disney’s Stuntronics program continues on its whirlwind development pace. The Imagineers at Disney recently presented their work on Stuntronics figures, acrobatic robots capable of performing dazzling mid-air stunts. It’s all part of Disney’s innovative mission to create realistic robots to bring stories to life at the various theme parks. Check out the high-flying video action, and brace yourself for some unbelievable robot stunts! (Go here for the full story and video.)


If you’ve got a full belly or suffer from vertigo, definitely DO NOT watch this video. Everyone else, do not miss it! YouTuber Jeb Corliss took a GoPro Fusion 360 with him to ride on Six Flags Los Angeles Goliath roller coaster, and the footage boggles the mind and senses. You’ll be surprised just how trippy 68 seconds of video can be. It’s like your mind turned inside out during a psychedelic trip in a funhouse mirror! (Go here for the full story and video.)


There’s a splendid Japanese term known as “sumeru harasumento” which translates into English as “smell harassment.” Companies in Japan have recently been holding training sessions on how to deal with “stinky” employees, and now there’s a device that can tell you just how bad your body odor really is. Turn on the Tanita ES-100 and deploy the sensor to your musky body parts; after 10 seconds, it will display your stank rank. Anything from 0-5, you’re fresh as a daisy; anything from 5-10, and it’s time for what’s known as “smell care.” (Or, you know, take a shower!) The ES-100 also measures your perfumed levels as well, so if you overcorrect with deodorant, you’ll get a warning about that, too. They’re available for purchase in Japan, and they run about $125, so go order yours now…smell ya later! (Go here for the full story.)


Now THIS is the ultimate marketing tie-in: To promote the Aug. 4 release of the upcoming Border Break game on the PS4, Sega teamed with Japanese toy and model maker Kotobukiya to create a 1:1 scale plastic model of a giant mecha robot from the game! The individual parts have not been assembled yet, but they are on display in Tokyo’s Metro Marunouchi Line Shinjuku Station Metro Promenade through July 8. No word yet on where or when the final mecha product will be assembled, but we can assume it’ll happen before Border Break for PS4 arrives. One step closer to ACTUAL giant mecha robots—woo-hoo! (Go here for the full story.)

That’s all the tech and science fun we’ve got for you this week. Thanks for reading! Now it’s time to cut out of here to check out an early showing of Marvel’s “Ant-Man & The Wasp”—they fight crime with science! See you back here next time for more Friday Fun.


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