GeekHive Fun Friday Five for July 20

July 20, 2018

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GeekHive Fun Friday Five San Diego

This is the weekend that every geek worth their salt looks forward to the most. It’s better than Christmas, summer vacation and the release of the latest iPhone combined: the San Diego comic convention! The biggest pop culture and comic show in the world serves as the perfect backdrop for this week’s GeekHive Fun Friday Five San Diego edition (#GHFF5), a round-up of five fun tech-related reads from around the web—with a special emphasis on the geekery coming out of SDCC this week. (We’re looking directly at YOU, “Aquaman” movie!) So put on your Wonder Woman adult onesie, grab your favorite reading device and cuddle up with five geeky reads. We’re doing this San Diego style!

GeekHive Fun Friday Five San Diego


DC Comics gets into the streaming game with DC Universe! It’s an online platform where you can watch new original content (such as “Titans” and “Swamp Thing”), plus recent cinematic hits like “Wonder Woman,” classic favorites including “Batman: The Animated Series,” the expansive library of Warner Bros’ comic movies and TV shows, not to mention a curated selection of the best DC Comics available. That’s a ton of geek content, and the price point won’t blow up your entertainment budget: You’ll pay $7.99 per month, or save a bit with a yearly subscription for $74.99. Look for DC Universe to launch later this fall, with a final release date TBD. To the Bat-phone…to watch DC Universe! (Check out the full story here.)


Marvel Comics, aka The House of Ideas, came up with another blockbuster brain-blitz: Teaming up with Oculus’ for a stunning VR game called Marvel Powers United VR! This special edition Rift & Touch bundle package includes an Oculus headset, a pair of sensors, a pair of controllers and the game. There’s plenty of playable Marvel characters to choose from, including Captain America, Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel and more. The bundle will be in stores on July 31 for $399. (Which is a small price to pay to have Star-Lord’s abs, even if they are VR.) (Check out the full story here.)


In other streaming news, you may have heard that Disney will be launching its own streaming service in the near future, which will include its complete library of masterpiece movies and classic TV series, including all the Marvel and Star Wars content. However, fans were stunned when Disney announced in San Diego a new season of “The Clone Wars” will debut on the new service, completing the storyline from the beloved animated series that originally aired on Cartoon Network. So if you’re a Star Wars fan who was on the fence about Disney’s streaming service, you’ve definitely jumped that fence to get in line to sign up. May the Force be with us for this final surprise season of “The Clone Wars”! (Check out the full story here.)


Nathan Fillion boasts some of the biggest geek cred in the history of geekdom, thanks to his starring turns on “Firefly,” “Serenity” and voice work on the DC Animated series. So when the beloved “Castle” star volunteered his time playing Uncharted video game explorer Nathan Drake in a fan-produced short film, the Internet stood up and took notice. He’s the perfect actor to play this iconic video game movie role. And he must have taken a cue from Ryan Reynolds’ self-produced “Deadpool” short movie, which helped spawn that feature film franchise. C’mon already Hollywood: Make “Uncharted” with Nathan Fillion happen! (Check out the full story and fan film here.)


Here’s one way to get around in zero gravity. Researchers at MIT are using Spider-Man as inspiration for a new device to help astronauts at the International Space Station navigate zero-g. It’s an actual working web-shooter device! The mechanism fires a tow line attached to a magnetic tip; when the tip attaches to a metal surface, the astronauts can use the mini-winch to pull themselves around the ISS. Dubbed the Orbit Weaver, it has yet to be used in space. But the research team has done trials on the so-called “vomit comet” plane used to simulate zero-g during training. Now, if only the scientists can make it strong enough to let us swing through Manhattan! (Check out the full story here.)

That’s all the San Diego geek goodness we’ve got time for this week in the GeekHive Fun Friday Five. We’re all out of room on the Internet, but before we go, we want to leave you with one last bonus look at something we loved from SDCC: a LEGO version of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman from the forthcoming DCEU movie—complete with his classic orange-and-green comic book costume. This will look SO awesome in our aquarium! See you next GeekHive Fun Friday.


GeekHive Fun Friday Five San Diego

LEGO DC Comics Aquaman Statue/LEGO & DC Comics


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