A Guide to Marketing Engagement Tools for your Enterprise

June 20, 2018

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In marketing, “too many options” is considered a good problem to have. Personalization, testing, automation—today’s marketing organizations now have many powerful new marketing engagement tools and concepts available to help them effectively reach their audience with on-target and on-time messaging.

The GeekHive brain trust is here to help you decide which marketing engagement tools will work best for you. We base our recommendations on your organization’s goals and the investments you’ve already made in other marketing technologies. We can also help implement the correct tools, and get the most out of your digital transformation strategy.

Here’s a rundown of some of the leading marketing engagement tools, with a brief overview of what they can do.

Acquia Lift and Acquia Journey

Acquia offers two products to help you engage your audience: Lift and Journey. Built for and tightly integrated with Drupal, Acquia Lift captures data from any channel or device into a single customer view, called the Customer Profile. Use this profile to provide true personalized experiences. Lift also provides for behavioral targeting, real-time segmentation, and A/B testing. Its reporting and analytics tool allows for custom reporting. It also includes a number of pre-built reports, giving you a view of your segments, test results, goal tracking and more.

Acquia Journey automates customer journeys across channels such as web, email, social and mobile. It’s described as an orchestration engine that allows developers to connect diverse tools into complex flows providing a rich cross-channel customer experience. It’s data agnostic, so you can include data from your CRM or any other data source in your journeys. While Lift personalizes your messaging, journeys can be personalized so they can react to your customer’s actions and behavior. For example, they can listen for events such as Twitter keywords and take action. Push or pull data from any technology into a journey and it will use that data in its decision making. You can add custom metrics to the dashboard, and even add tests as well.

Use this tool when: Use Lift when your enterprise uses Drupal, but note that it can be used on other CMSs with a little configuration and by adding a link to the Lift Javascript library. Journey is not reliant on Drupal and will work with any data source.

Benefits: Scalable solution platform available as a service (PaaS) eliminating internal hardware and software costs.

If you’d like to see Acquia Lift & Journey in action, let us know!

Adobe Experience Cloud

Adobe Experience Cloud is a suite of tools that do everything from content management to personalization and campaigns to social media integration. Here’s a snapshot of those various tools:

  • Adobe Sites allows users to manage content for multiple sites in one place.
  • Adobe Target manages web content personalization and A/B testing.
  • Adobe Sensei, the machine learning algorithm, displays highly relevant content to website visitors.
  • Adobe Campaign is the tool for campaign creation and management. The latest version supports adding personalized email to a campaign.
  • Adobe Forms is a powerful form creation tool that can integrate with Adobe Target and Adobe Campaigns to provide a seamless experience and show the visitor relevant content and images on a form.
  • Adobe Livefyre, the social integration tool, also contains a set of analytics tools.

Use this tool when: You need a complete suite of marketing tools and content management, or you are already using other Adobe products.

Benefits: Easy integration with Adobe products.

Sitecore Experience Platform (XP)

The Sitecore Experience Platform combines their well-known content management system with powerful marketing functionality. Its tools allow you to consolidate marketing activities across channels. Sitecore XP features both simple and predictive personalization, as well as analysis via Sitecore Cortex, its machine learning algorithm, with A/B, multivariate, and page testing also available.

Email Experience Manager handles email campaigns, personalization, and testing. Sitecore’s Marketing Automation feature lets you create customer journeys and automate email campaigns. Easy-to-configure campaign management, a new drag-and-drop forms tool called Sitecore Forms, social integration, and powerful reporting and analytics complete the marketing features. Sitecore’s xDB back-end data storage system uses xConnect, a flexible framework that lets you import data from any source and use it to personalize your content.

Use this tool when: You need a complete suite of marketing tools and content management.

Benefits: Tightly integrated content management and marketing tools, highly customizable, powerful search capabilities. On-prem or cloud-based deployment available.

Thunderhead ONE Engagement Hub

Cloud-based Thunderhead ONE is an engagement tool that identifies touchpoints from many systems and from online and offline channels to one contact record, optimizing the customer journey in real time. Contact profiling is done through their Adaptive Engagement Profile (AEP), enabling powerful journey mapping and personalization, which delivers relevant, one-on-one customer conversations.

Intent Analyzer, Thunderhead’s machine learning implementation, allows organizations to anticipate customer behavior in real time and eliminates costly data analysis projects. It identifies key orchestration opportunities and helps the marketing team evaluate these against actual customer journeys. You could even consider it a journey optimization engine. Add a simple Javascript tag to web pages or emails to enable ONE functionality. For mobile apps, an SDK is available.

Use this tool when: Your customer data is siloed and you want to consolidate data views.

Benefits: Does not require any specific CRM or WCM. Simple Javascript enablement.

While similar in function, these marketing engagement tools have distinct methods for helping deliver personalized messaging to your clients. And they can do so through any marketing channel: web, email, social and custom mobile apps.

GeekHive helps you decide what tools best fit for your organization. We can also help create a plan to better understand who your customers are, what those customers want, and to engage them in relevant one-on-one conversations across your business channels.

If you’re interested in getting started on the road to digital transformation, give us a shout today!

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