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GeekHive’s Fun Friday Five for June 22

June 22, 2018

Blog | Culture | GeekHive’s Fun Friday Five for June 22

Bigger than a T-rex and twice as much fun—the weekend has arrived, just in time to save us all! If you’re a true geek like us, there’s a high probability you’re going to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which opens this weekend. (Because let’s face it, rampaging dinosaurs + erupting volcano + Chris Pratt = bona fide blockbuster formula.) To get you stoked for the full-on dino uproar that’s about to ensue, here’s a look at five of our favorite tech-related stories from the week. (After all, the dinos in Jurassic Park wouldn’t even exist without science. So to paraphrase Jeff Goldblum, just remember: “Fun…uh, finds a way.” Thanks for checking out this week’s edition of GeekHive’s Fun Friday Five (#GHFF5). See you back here next week with some more tech-related fun—if the dinosaurs don’t get us first.


And we mean this in the best way possible for folks with prosthetic limbs: Scientists at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have created a synthetic skin for an artificial hand that can transmit feelings of pain directly to the user. The system, dubbed e-dermis, gives prosthetic limbs the ability to feel touch and pain as transmitted to the brain by nerve implants. A volunteer noted he could differentiate between round and sharp objects, and could even rate the severity of his discomfort. While this is a great advancement for any amputees who could benefit, let’s take a moment to note it also means we’re thismuchcloser to super-cool human-like robots! (Go here for the full story.)


Though world-famous astrophysicist Stephen Hawking passed away in March, the European Space Agency recently paid homage to the iconic scientist with a memorial, one that befits his singular contributions. The ESA beamed recordings of Hawking’s synthesized voice directly into the heart of the nearest black hole. The tribute was composed by famous movie score producer Vangelis (Blade Runner, Chariots of Fire) and also contains messages of peace and hope curated from Hawking’s life. If there is advanced alien life somewhere in this universe, we could do a lot worse with our first contact message. (Go here for the full story.)


Back in the 1940s, noted cartoon strip-slash-movie serial hero Dick Tracy started sporting the coolest tech in the world at the time: a two-way wristwatch radio. Fast-forward to the present, when we’re in the midst of a smartwatch craze. So it only makes sense for someone to make a REAL Dick Tracy radio watch. That’s where brothers Nick and Charlie Mathis come in with their crowd-sourced idea: the official Dick Tracy Watch. Thanks to hard work and ingenuity, the brothers designed, built and marketed the Bluetooth-enabled product, which is currently available for pre-order on their page. So order one and call Breathless Mahoney, already! (Go here for the full story.)


Most divers in regular wetsuits can’t last more than an hour or so in frigid ocean temps. But now scientists have found a way to triple that time, modeling their advancement on seal and polar bear biology. Researchers at MIT, in conjunction with the US Navy, have created an artificial “blubber” material. It works just like that of an aquatic mammal, which keeps them alive for much longer in colder waters. There’s a ton of practical applications for Navy SEALs and underwater maintenance crews, not to mention the recreational angle. Arctic surfing, anyone? (Go here for the full story.)


Look, we’ll admit it: There’s not much science-y about our final Fun Friday Five entry for this week. But that’s okay because there’s some great technical skill at work regardless. Just watch this 7-minute “super-cut” video stacked full of 300-plus fun dancing clips from your favorite movies. Check out The Dude from The Big Lebowski, the Jets from West Side Story and more, all cutting a rug. It may not be that high-tech, but it’s the perfect way to put a smile on your face! (Shuffle over here for the full story.)

That’s it for this edition of the GeekHive Fun Friday Five! See you back here for more tech fun next week—as long as our new dinosaur overlords let us, of course.


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