GeekHive’s Fun Friday Five for June 15

June 15, 2018

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Work done? Goof off and look at fun stuff on the Internet with us!

TGIF, everybody: Thank Gandalf it’s Friday! The much-anticipated weekend has arrived, and it’s an extra-special one at that: We’re celebrating Father’s Day to boot. Here’s to all the dads sneaking out early today, getting ready for a shore trip, family barbecue or golf outing. To prep you for the big day on Sunday, we’re peppering this week’s edition of GeekHive’s Fun Friday Five (#GHFF5) with some special dad-centric tech callouts for your reading pleasure. Enjoy the fun, and Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!


Geeks aren’t born, they’re made—usually by parents who are geeks themselves! Matthew Regonini is one such dad, who built something so amazingly awesome for his son, he deserves a special #GHFF5 shout-out for his efforts. Regonini proves himself to be quite a carpenter, constructing a DIY Jawa Sandcrawler (from “Star Wars: A New Hope”) toy box for his young son from just a single piece of plywood! He’s also made an AT-AT high chair and rocking chair as well. Clearly, this man is a Jedi when it comes to woodworking—might we suggest a TIE Fighter next? (Asking for a friend!) (Check out Regonini’s YouTube channel to see the video and this link for the full story.)


Most parents would not construct a jet-powered scooter for their young child, but Colin Furze is not like most parents. He’s well-known in Britain for his insane engineering feats, such as building an 11-foot Hulkbuster Iron Man, creating a driveable hot tub and erecting a scale-size Star Wars AT-ACT playhouse in his yard. Just in time for Father’s Day, Colin gifted his young son with a customized, jet-powered scooter. But no need to call child services. It’s an electric, fan-powered thruster, so no heat to worry about. And the speed is remote controlled as well, so sonny boy can’t accidentally launch himself into orbit.

(Check out Furze’s YouTube channel to see the video, and this link to see the full stories on his insanely fun creations.)


At age 12, Erik Finman invested $1,000 cash into Bitcoin and made his first million by 16. Finman dropped out of high school, created an online business, and skipped college to focus on his individual pursuits. After cultivating a bad boy persona online, Finman’s now pivoting to philanthropic work. When he learned the young son of his mentor suffered from hypermobility issues, Finman underwent a change of heart. He also had a brilliant brain blast: What if extra arms could help, a la the Spider-Man villain Doctor Octopus? Assembling a team of engineers and funding it himself, Finman spearheaded the idea and saw it come to fruition. Now they’re shopping it around for practical applications—and moving one step closer to a world with real superheroes! (Check out the link for the full story.)


Check out this new product launch announced at this year’s E3 video game trade show. 8bitdo unveiled the Zero 2 Bluetooth controller, which is small enough to attach to a keychain! Created specifically for the Nintendo Switch—the manufacturers played the nostalgia card perfectly with the model that looks like a Super NES controller—the Zero 2 is also compatible with desktop computers as well as Android devices, so there are very few games you can’t use it for. No pricing has been announced yet, but it’ll be out in 2018 for the holidays. (Check out the link for the full story.)


“Solo: A Star Wars Story” fell short of revenue expectations, but still ranks as a worthy addition to the iconic film franchise. The debut of “woke” droid L3-37 was one of the best new elements added to the Star Wars universe, and now there’s a way to have her in your very own home! Patrick Stefanski works as an actual robot designer, and for one of his personal projects, decided to re-create L3-37 using 3D printed materials, a Raspberry Pi and Alexa voice controls (among other components). She’s dripping with the British snark made famous by Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s mo-cap droid, and with some hard work and the right equipment, could be YOUR wingman the next time you make the Kessel Run! (Check out Stefanski’s YouTube video, and this link to read the whole story.)

That’s all for this edition of GeekHive’s Fun Friday Five. See you back here same Bat-time, same Bat-Friday!


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