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June 8, 2018

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Work done? Goof off and look at cool stuff on the Internet with us!

Thank the Matrix it’s Friday. The work week finally comes to a close. Coding complete? Check! All the projects put to bed? Tucked in tight! The Out of Office message on your email? Activated! We’ve got something new and super-engaging in store for your Fridays this summer: We’re rolling out a new blog series that spotlights the fun that comes from being part of this giant digital playground we all love—the Internet. It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for GeekHive’s Fun Friday Five! (#GHFF5) Here are five of our favorite tech-related stories we read this week, that are a little more tongue-in-cheek than the usual product launches or industry news. Enjoy the fun!


THIS is a mod worth watching out for—literally! Hot Wheels teamed with the action-camera maker for an official diecast car that can house a GoPro on its roof, making it a nearly perfect toy for fans who love to post videos of their play exploits. Dubbed the Hot Wheels Zoom In, it can accommodate a GoPro Session or Hero5 Session camera, but note that the added weight can affect the car’s performance on the track. The Hot Wheels Zoom In retails for just $1, so if you’ve already got the GoPro, it’s a minimal cash outlay. But there’s no price too high to pay for seeing amazing POV Hot Wheels footage—including spectacular “crashes”—that you can produce yourself! (Check out the link for the full story.)


The Jetsons future you’ve always wanted gets closer and closer thanks to Chinese company InMotion, which is developing the next “hover” product craze. The Hovershoes X1 breaks the board barrier and goes on your feet like a pair of in-line skates. The individual Hovershoes give the rider more directional and acceleration control, which should lead to better control and fewer wipeouts. (But where’s the fun in that?) Pre-orders are available now, with shipping to the U.S. planned for late July. Throw your feet a party and get a pair! (Check out the link for the full story.)


A Power Wheels Barbie Mustang tops out at around 2.5 mph—nothing to sneeze at if you’re a toddler. Thankfully for the viral video crowd, YouTube channel Grind Hard Plumbing Co. thought that was much too slow, and customized one such ride-on with a 240cc engine from a dirt bike, which ups the top speed to over 70mph! (Don’t forget the helmet.) Though incredibly dangerous for the driver—please don’t attempt this on your own—it’s amazingly entertaining for us to watch it speed around at sunset doing doughnuts. Can you guys do something similar with the Star Wars Landspeeder Ride-on(Check out the link for the full video.)


If you build it, they will game! As part of Intel’s 2018 Extreme Big Rig Challenge, one team known as Maingear constructed a custom gaming console that includes a Nintendo Switch dock, which allows gamers to enjoy the best of both PC and console gaming. With all the amazing bells and whistles added on in the build, this gaming PC would retail well within the five-figure range. But how will it fare against the rest of the custom gaming field? The contest ends on June 8, with the winner to be announced on June 19. Can we continue our game of Mario Odyssey now, please? (Check out the link for the full story.)


It stands to reason that video game developer/producer/all-around gaming guru Mike Mika would enjoy playing video games. It goes well beyond reason that he would create a secret bunker in his basement to house a complete collection of some of the most highly sought-after console games of the 1970s and ‘80s. There’s even the esoteric stuff in his collection, like a Dreamcast version of Half-Life that was never released. (Maybe he’s got all those quarters I lost on Ms. Pac-Man, too?) (Check out the link for the full story.)

That’s all for this edition of GeekHive’s Fun Friday Five. See you back here next Friday! (Not to be confused with the Ice Cube movie of the same name.)


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