February 2018 Blog Post Roundup

March 1, 2018

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GeekHive's February 2018 Blog Post Roundup

Check out everything you may have missed from us in February, along with short descriptions so you can hone in on what interests you most. This month featured a major announcement about one of our developers, tips for working with remote teams, an analysis of one of our favorite CRMs, and an in-depth technical deep dive into one of the most misunderstood tools Sitecore offers.

February 1st: GeekHive Technical Lead John Rappel Awarded Sitecore Technical MVP

We’re proud to announce that long-standing team member John Rappel has been recognized by the Sitecore community and awarded the Sitecore Most Valuable Professional Technology Award. Check out this post for a full list of John’s contributions over the last year and a press release about this prestigious award. 

February 6th: January 2018 Blog Post Roundup

Here’s everything you may have missed from us in January, along with short descriptions so you can hone in on what interests you most. This month featured Sitecore developer tips, project management best practices, ways to increase your revenue at the agency level, and a GDPR cheat sheet to help you cut through the confusion around this hot topic.

February 13th: Is Salesforce a Good Tool for Small Businesses?

Peter Ladka, GeekHive’s President and CEO, was asked to speak at the last Salesforce Dreamforce Conference about growth and sustainability on the Salesforce platform for small businesses. Check out some of the highlights of what he had to say.

February 20th: 5 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Remote Teams

For any growing organization, resource management is a known area of frustration and a central topic of meetings… many, many meetings. Check out these tips to manage, grow, and thrive when working with remote teams.

February 27th: Sitecore Event Queue Visual Diagram

Tech Lead and Sitecore Technical MVP John Rappel takes a deep dive into Sitecore Event Queue in this post, both dispelling common misconceptions and showing a visual representation to support other developers to get the most out of the tool. 

Bonus Case Study: Martech Strategy for a Global Publishing Powerhouse

We released another new case study focused on martech strategy. It’s a great read to learn the pit-falls that other major companies face and our recommendations for tackling and overcoming them so you can harness technology to reach your business objectives.

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