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Is Salesforce a good tool for small businesses?

February 13, 2018

Blog | Strategy | Is Salesforce a good tool for small businesses?
Is Salesforce a good tool for small businesses?

Peter Ladka, GeekHive’s President and CEO, was asked to speak at the last Salesforce Dreamforce Conference about growth and sustainability on the Salesforce platform for small businesses. As an organization that has been using Salesforce for 10 years, we’ve learned a lot of valuable lessons over the years. Check out some of the highlights of what he had to say.

Why did we choose Salesforce?

“Technology is always an abstraction of a business process so ask yourself, how do I want to be doing my job?” Peter Ladka

Peter: What we liked about Salesforce was that they didn’t try to mandate that things be done their way. They encourage users to define a business process for your organization that you feel will be successful, then find a good way to make Salesforce support that process (instead of other way around). This allows for change to come from business drivers not external factors.

Advice for Executives New to Salesforce:

Peter: As executives, it’s your role to evangelize the platform for the company. Always communicate to your team what you are committed to trying to improve, then invite people in. Ask yourself and your team, how can we leverage this tool to be the most effective organization possible?

Next Steps for us, Opportunities for You:

Peter: As an organization we already use the Salesforce suite of tools to see everything from lead acquisition to financial recognization utilizing Pardot (we’re currently in a pilot program for B2B Marketing), Salesforce, and FinancialForce. Like any small business we make incremental changes and don’t try to reinvent the wheel overnight. What’s exciting is that we still see a lot of room for optimization and creating more value, even after 10 years on the platform.

For us, we’re excited about Einstein’s AI capabilities. This is how Salesforce explains Einstein:

“Built into the Salesforce Platform, Einstein is a layer of artificial intelligence that delivers predictions and recommendations based on your unique business processes and customer data. Use those insights to automate responses and actions, making your employees more productive, and your customers even happier.”

Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that kind of technology? Essentially it would be like having a data scientist in house that is an expert in the platform.

As a Salesforce Partner, we’re excited about Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s capabilities and how we can leverage that to meet the needs of our agency partners and clients.

Watch the Session

Here’s a description of the session entitled How I Built This: GeekHive Growth and Sustainability on the Salesforce Platform:

“Whether you are in growth mode or just looking to streamline how your teams collaborate, having a complete view of your client is paramount to providing the best service possible. Join us to hear CEO Peter Ladka discuss how his digital agency, GeekHive, is leveraging Salesforce to not only get and retain new clients, but also how they manage current client expectations while adapting to an ever-changing media landscape.”

You can watch the entire 18 minute video here:

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