3 Ways Your Agency Can Sell More Digital

January 24, 2018

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3 Ways Your Agency Can Sell More Digital

Let’s face it, the term “digital transformation” can be overwhelming. But let me assure you, it doesn’t have to be if your chief goal is to provide value to your clients. In order to provide value in terms of digital solutions, you need to not only understand your client’s needs, but also what services you can provide to maximize your value add. 

Getting to know the tools, technologies and platforms that are available AND how they best fit the needs of your client is essential. Since every client is a snowflake, what’s good for one won’t be good for another, so the more you can get to know them, their platforms, and their processes, the better you will be at unearthing future digital work.

Helping clients navigate these waters will be overwhelming and daunting, but before you run away screaming, here are a few recommendations to start things off. I promise, the payoff will be worth it!

Opportunities for Increasing Revenue by Adding Value:

Focus on the Journey

There is a lot of talk out there about customer experience, at GeekHive, we focus on the full cross-channel customer journey. When a prospective customer goes to your client’s website how are they captured, tracked across channels, and nurtured to move further along the sales funnel? Each part of the customer’s journey then becomes a potential ‘digital’ initiative/service. Think about how you can help your client tailor their systems to better capture site visitors and how your client can benefit from the creation of a marketing automation strategy.

Explore the tools

There are a number of products and services that you can integrate into your digital strategies to enable your client’s customer experience goals. For instance, a free trial of Customer.io might be an easy way to show your client how to better engage their customers via the mobile app your agency just built for them. Helping your client think through personalization with a solution like Thunderhead might be a way you can help them move their prospective customers into and through their sales funnel faster. These things will translate into more revenue for your client and also for your agency.

Delve into Data

Data tells all. We begin each technical initiative by talking about and getting our clients to think about data. Doing this allows them to see the big picture and realize that true results are measured in sifting through the entire collection of information, not just simple site traffic. By leveraging just a few of the vast data management solutions that are out there, your agency has the ability to uncover trends, opportunities, and pitfalls that a client’s digital solutions may present. In turn, you may discover new and meaningful digital initiatives for your agency.

Bonus Tip

Helping your clients get out of a mindset that believes digital marketing is a separate silo from marketing will open the door to more digital work. “Digital” is every bit as useless as the word “electrical”. When words like email and e-commerce were added into our vocabulary, no one was talking about electrical marketing vs traditional marketing.

We hope these tips will help you add more value to both your clients and your agency. At the end of the day, a Digital Producer  has to wear many hats; the hat that has always seemed most important to us is the ‘Add Value Always’ hat.

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