November Blog Post Roundup

December 1, 2017

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November Blog Post Roundup

Check out everything you may have missed from us in November, along with short descriptions so you can hone in on what interests you most. This month featured a new take on Sitecore projects, a discussion on the role of the CMTO, a look at reinventing the traditional agency model, Sitecore developer tools, and thanks from our team. 

November 1st: October Blog Roundup

In October we shared the last post in The Martech Enablement Series, tricks for Sitecore developers, takeaways from both MarTech Boston and Sitecore Symposium and gave you 7 reasons why offshoring your tech is not the best idea.

November 2nd: Sitecore Headless and JSS (Part 1)

The introduction of Sitecore JSS is a huge push towards headless for Sitecore, so Tech Lead Steve VandenBush, who has a long history of utilizing a headless approach in Sitecore, took a crack at a proof of concept with Angular. 

November 7th: Where does the CMTO fit into the Agency World?

In this post by Marketing Technologist David Cardine, you’ll learn who a CMTO is, how they fit into a traditional agency model, and how they’ll benefit your business.

November 14th: A Reinvention of the Creative Agency

Many believe the old model for the creative agency is dead. But what will it be replaced with in this era of data-driven strategy? With over 5,000 marketing technologies available to engage and nurture digital consumers, the CMO will soon be replaced by the CMTO.

November 21st: There’s a lot to be thankful for this year

In honor of Thanksgiving, our team got together to share what they are grateful for both personally, and professionally.

November 28th: Sitecore Datasource Folder Insert Rule

Removing a step when it comes to developing is always exciting especially when it’s a cycle that is repeated constantly. In this post, Developer Tino DeRico shows you how to cut down on redundancy in everyday development tasks, making your job easier.

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