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December 18, 2017

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The best of GeekHive 2017

As 2017 comes to a close, we looked back at everything we produced this year. In this post, we’re breaking down our top picks in every category from announcements, to case studies, to team additions to blog posts in every category, to conference takeaways. Check out our Top Picks of 2017!

Top Announcements:

GeekHive Named One of Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces 2017 

This was one of the highlights of our year! We were assessed on the basis of benefits offered and employees’ responses to a unique, 30 question survey. It’s such an honor to be chosen for this list based on our team members feedback, as fostering a strong, thriving culture is at our core.

GeekHive Celebrates New Space with Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Earlier this year we moved our headquarters to a beautiful refinished warehouse in Warwick NY. To celebrate the move, expansion, and renovation of the 13,000+ square foot office, we held a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and reception honoring the local community, our employees, and our clients.

GeekHive named to Inc 5000 for the 2nd year in a row

We’re proud to have been included on this strategic list for the 2nd time with a three year sales growth of 84%! Learn more about it and what our founder and CEO Peter Ladka had to say about the honor in this press release.

Introducing Martech Enablement

The landscape of technology in digital marketing has evolved significantly. Gartner reports that enterprise marketers are spending 22% of their budget on martech (marketing technology). As this shift has occurred, we’ve recognized a real need in our clients for guidance on how to strategically approach putting together an effective martech stack so we developed a service called Martech Enablement.

Top Technical Blog Posts:

Introducing WFFM for Salesforce Connector

At GeekHive, we are finding that an increasing number of our clients are asking for an integration with Salesforce. Often, they are looking for submitted form data to automatically be imported into Salesforce. For our customers running Web Forms For Marketers, we have created WFFM to Salesforce Connector.

Artifact Promotion Deployments: Sitecore Built in the Cloud

Set your current Sitecore build, deployment and branching strategy aside and try to visualize a workflow where all development gets merged into one branch, and all builds go thru Dev before ever getting to a QA or Production server.

Advanced Sitecore Config Strategies for Multi-Site Applications

Coming up with a multi-site configuration strategy for Sitecore can be difficult. Ask any seasoned Sitecore developer – config files can make or break a Sitecore solution. There are many resources available to explain how to patch custom processors, events or even full pipelines into Sitecore, but while these resources lay out the basic principles, they often fall short of providing a strategy of how to implement configs in a robust, manageable format for large multi-site instances.

A Technical Deep-Dive into Pantheon’s Offerings

In a effort to educate our clients about the technologies we utilize on different platforms, we are highlighting some of our partners. In this interview post with Pantheon’s Community Engineer Steve Persch we take a technical deep dive into Pantheon’s workflows, continuous integration, command line tools, and site performance.

Sitecore Headless and JSS (Part 1)

Sitecore has gone headless – and that’s a good thing! Headless within Sitecore isn’t something totally new to us, having done a few projects completely headless or semi headless (de-coupled components with the majority of the layout driven from Sitecore). With all the new concepts around headless coming out of Sitecore, we wanted to try something a little different. Check out this proof of concept using Angular to get JSS going on a Sitecore 9 server.

Top Strategic Blog Posts:

In Need of Website Support? Here’s What You Need to Know

After launching our Long-term Engagement Team, we realized that to create real positive customer experience, it’s not just tech that’s important but understanding who are clients are, what they need, and the type of experience and interactions they want to have with GeekHive. That should be the case for any tech partner you hire. Find out what you should expect when you engage website support and how to ensure you are getting the most from your partners.

The One Team Member your Agency Needs to Hire Now: Data Scientist

Every organization is in constant search of a competitive advantage. Agencies and brands with a desire to stay ahead of their market, deliver communications and experiences to the right people at the right time, and get ahead in a cut-throat business environment must start focusing their recruiting efforts on data-centric thinkers capable of leveraging amassed data to inform creative execution.

7 Reasons to Avoid Technical Offshoring

Would you offshore your executive team? If you answered no, then why is tech any different? Here’s 7 reasons you should avoid offshoring your technical needs, pulled from our own client experiences. In addition, we’ve included a series of questions you can ask to vet potential partners, go ahead, try them out on us.

Where Does the CMTO Fit into the Agency World?

For so long agencies have been the ones that have helped drive innovation and push the brand forward through customer engagement. The focus of the CMTO, much like the agency, is the customer, but at a much different vantage point. The omnichannel journey is one that the CMTO understands both from the customer engagement perspective and the marketing technology side, and connecting the dots is the challenge they’ve come to help marketing and technology teams conquer.

Top Martech Blog Posts:

The Top 3 Martech Myths for Agencies

Martech, in all its glory, can be a scary and disconcerting proposition. Agencies and brands often turn to GeekHive for our perspective, insight, and guidance on how best to navigate this new terrain. In the hopes of helping you and your organization, we’ve compiled a list of answers to some of the main martech concerns we’ve heard from our agency partners and clients.

A Reinvention of the Creative Agency

Many believe the old model for the creative agency is dead, but what will it be replaced with in this era of data-driven strategy? With over 5,000 marketing technologies available to engage and nurture digital consumers, agencies that embrace what martech can offer both internally and to clients will move ahead of the pack rapidly. And because they need a leader who can navigate the sea of marketing technologies available, the CMO is likely to soon be replaced by the CMTO.

Martech is Coming, Prepare your Agency

Understanding the value of martech is a major opportunity for agencies, yet many feel overwhelmed by the 5000+ tools that make up the marketing technology landscape. Finding a partner who can help you leverage these tools is key. Start educating yourself with our four biggest takeaways from MarTech San Francisco.

The Martech Enablement Series – A 9 Part Practical Guide to Martech Enablement

In this 9 Part Series featured on Martech today, GeekHive’s President and CEO Peter Ladka lays down a practical roadmap organizations can take to strategically enable martech initiatives within their organization. Each part of the series builds on the last, you’ll be grateful you took this incremental approach to such a massive undertaking once your organization is seeing the benefits Martech Enablement can offer.

Top Culture Blog Posts:

10 Benefits of Practicing Yoga at Work

We do yoga every Tuesday morning before work at GeekHive and always get a great turnout of people wanting to participate. We can then work some of the poses into our daily routine at our standing desks or before meetings. Learn the benefits of practicing yoga at work along with some simple poses you can do at your desk right now or before your next standup to boost energy and increase focus.

GeekHive’s Mission, Vision, and Values

Identifying our mission, vision, and core values was not only important for our company, but for our employees. Understanding why we do what we do helps to align us around a common purpose. It also creates a better, more cohesive customer experience, with everyone who interacts with us benefiting from our ‘why’, and acting in support of our shared vision.

A Day of Celebration Introducing GeekHive’s New Space

Big moments should be celebrated, so that’s what we did. With a ribbon cutting ceremony and cocktail reception we toasted to our brand new space. Before we kicked off the party, we had some of our VIP clients and partners come to town for the day to enjoy some of the best our area has to offer – wineries and distilleries!

Top Conference Takeaway Blog Posts:

Drupalcon 2017 Takeaways from our Team

Drupalcon Baltimore didn’t disappoint. Director of Technology Kevin Varley, Developer Drew Nackers, and Chief Experience Officer Mike Caccavano share the biggest Drupalcon 2017 takeaways that set the tone for the pulse of the community.

MarTech Boston: 5 Key Takeaways You Need to Pay Attention to Now

We came home buzzing with pages (and pages and pages and pages) of notes from The MarTech Boston Conference but distilled down our main takeaways into 5 easy to digest points.

Takeaways from Sitecore Symposium 2017

After sponsoring the t-shirt station at Sitecore Symposium for the 2nd year in a row, our team came back excited about the themes we heard dominate the community and the updates that Sitecore 9 will bring. In this post, we share the top takeaways from our team of marketers and developers.

New Team Members and Positions:

GeekHive Focuses on Client Relationships with the Elevation of Account Management

GeekHive launched an account management division to handle the customer journey effectively and deliver on our brand promises to our clients. Heading up this new division is veteran GeekHive team member Tim Butler, whose focus is to strategically drive transformation for our clients by ensuring they receive an exceptional experience when engaged with GeekHive.

Introducing Joe Ouimet, Sitecore Technical Lead

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Joe Ouimet, with over 30 years experience in development, Joe brings a level of expertise to the table that makes working with and learning from him a pleasure. As a veteran Sitecore developer Joe loves problem-solving and creating new and innovative ways to implement marketing technologies.

Our Favorite Case Studies of 2017:

Sitecore: MWI Animal Health: Personalized Enterprise Commerce

MWI, one of the largest veterinary supply distributors in the world engaged us to implement an entirely new commerce platform and content management system. In addition, we developed a rules engine solution that allows their storefront to manage over a billion effective permutations of customer specific pricing and availability based on user login information.

Drupal: CoachUSA: A Mobile First Experience for Users on the Go

Renowned for its ever-increasing fleet of buses and massive network, Coach USA’s digital presence lacked the modern and responsive experience that riders required. We supported them during the platform selection process and re-platformed their outdated, proprietary CMS with a more robust system (Drupal 8) that could be easily managed and updated and could also provide enterprise-level capabilities for a digital ecosystem that includes 26+ microsites.

WordPress: Cyber Threat Alliance: A Website that Represents the Values of this Security Alliance

The CTA had a very specific goal – create a website they could be proud of, a website that represented their values and would support their content strategy including things like a blog, news bureau, and a page to highlight members as the organization continues to grow. They wanted site visitors to be able to immediately recognize what they stand for and the statistical resources they offer to them so they could  easily understand the value of joining The CTA and becoming members.

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