There’s a lot to be thankful for this year

November 21, 2017

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We have a lot to be thankful for at GeekHive

Each year we celebrate with a GeekHive Family Thanksgiving (you’ll see pictures and video below), this year, we took the holiday spirit one step further and asked our team to share what they are most grateful for. It could be anything; personal, professional, shout-outs to team members and clients, or a combination of all of the above. It’s especially important to focus on gratitude during this time of year, but focusing on what you are thankful for is a practice you can bring into your life at any time. It’s something we all need today more than ever, especially when we are caught up in a project deadline or we are watching another sad story on the news. We hope you get to know us a little better and that we inspire you to think about what you are grateful for too.

What GeekHive’s Team is Thankful for this Year


Steve VandenBush, Technical Lead at GeekHive

Steve VandenBush, Technical Lead “I’m thankful for family, friends, and distributed source control.”

cory bergquist, developer at geekhive

Cory Bergquist, Developer “I’m grateful for the multiple opportunities I’ve had this year to increase my involvement in the company, not just work-wise but culture-wise.”

Kevin Varley, Director of Technology at GeekHive

Kevin Varley, Director of Technology “I am thankful for GeekHive Yoga sessions with Dave Kamm. I’m extremely grateful for the entire team involved in the Crowe Horwath International project. The GeekHive contingent has worked incredibly hard on this challenging endeavor and our customer’s team has been engaged, detailed, smart and diligent!”

Tom Deluca, Developer at GeekHive

Tom Deluca, Developer “I’m grateful for my place here, and the awesome people I work with, and Peter, of course, and the comfortable work environment. I’m grateful when we get appreciation from clients who know what we go through to get the job done, especially if it’s going above and beyond (ie: lots of overtime, or something else). Personally, I’m always grateful for my loving family and friends, but I think that’s a given.”

Noreen Condon, Director of Human Resources at GeekHive

Noreen Condon, Director of Human Resources “I am thankful for the people that make GeekHive such a special place to work. Over the last 10 years, I’ve watched them get married, start families and really feel like a part of it. They are friends, I admire them both in and out of the office – they are family.”

john rappel, sitecore technical lead at GeekHive

John Rappel, Technical Lead “I am thankful for all of my extremely talented co-workers that make it a pleasure to come to work every day. I am also thankful for all that GeekHive does for the staff on a regular basis: no-issue short-notice days off, excellent hardware, free lunches, company parties, and great projects!”

Joe Balsamello, Project Manager at GeekHive

Joe Balsamello, Project Manager “This year, I’m most grateful for ‘time’ – the time I have to spend, as well as the time spent, with my family, friends, and co-workers.”

Tim leverett, Senior Developer at GeekHive

Timothy Leverett, Senior Developer “I’m grateful for Dustin Opheim from Effective (one of our agency partners) for doing an excellent job managing the AmerisourceBergen project. He has been an exceptional translator between the client, designers, and developers to make sure everyone has a shared understanding of the work that needs to be done. All the while, he has done a great job of making sure that the dev team can work uninterrupted so that we can do our very best work.”

Tracey Robinson, Project Manager “I’m grateful to work in the community where I live! Geekhive provides a work/life balance that was missing throughout the years I spent commuting to New York City.”

Phil Azzi, Technical Lead at GeekHive

Phil Azzi, Technical Lead “I’m thankful to work at a company that recognizes its challenges, owns up to them, accepts the consequences, and continuously attempts to course correct rather than simply shuffle around blame. I’m also thankful for my wife who puts up with all my idiosyncrasies, and my son who doesn’t yet know I’m actually not really the super hero he might think I am.”

Tim Butler, Director of Account Management at GeekHive

Tim Butler, Director of Account Management “I’m thankful for my wonderful wife and daughter, family & friends, and happy clients.”

Joe Ouimet, Sitecore Technical Lead at GeekHive

Joe Ouimet, Technical Lead “On a personal side, I am grateful for the health and success of my wife and children.  We have had many challenges this year and I am happy that we have all come out of it healthy and (relatively) sane. From a business standpoint, I am grateful that GeekHive has brought me onto the team this year and given me some great projects to work on. I have enjoyed the work, my teammates, and the clients.”

Mike Caccavano, Chief Experience Officer at GeekHive

Mike Caccavano, Chief Experience Officer “I’m grateful for our amazing customers, and awesome team members here at GeekHive!”

Michael McDermott, Project Manager at GeekHive

Michael McDermott, Project Manager “I’m grateful for the remarkable wife that I wake up next to each day, that I can still find wonder & curiosity in the world, and for the team of good people that I am surrounded by at GeekHive.”

Shannon Brennan-Cressey, Director of Digital Marketing at GeekHive

Shannon Brennan-Cressey, Director of Digital Marketing “Personally I’m grateful to my husband who is a true partner, supporter, and friend. Professionally, I’m thankful for all of the opportunity I have to contribute to the efforts we make at GeekHive. I also think we have the best team and I’m really grateful to have so many people I look forward to seeing everyday.”

Justin Firth, Technical Lead at GeekHive

Justin Firth, Technical Lead “I am thankful for family, friends, and food. I am thankful to GeekHive for providing me a home with a great team of engineers, support staff, and executives who understand what it takes to grow in an evolving landscape.”

David Cambell, Director of Project Management at GeekHive

David Campbell, Director of Project Management “Personally, I’m most thankful for a new little nephew of mine. Professionally, I’m probably most thankful for the opportunity to work on the Cerner careers site. It’s given me a great refresher for working on an actual client project when I’ve been removed from it for a while (managing the other PMs and leading GGOB at GeekHive).”

Drew Nackers, Technical Lead at GeekHive
Drew Nackers, Technical Lead “I’m thankful for having a great employer like GeekHive that makes everyday work enjoyable, translating to a happier life outside work with my family.”
George Jaray, Developer at GeekHive

George Jaray, Developer “I’m grateful for a job where I can act like myself and be challenged by much of the work.”

Michelle banzer, developer at GeekHive

Michelle Banzer, Developer “I’m thankful for family, friends, my pets, my home, being alive and healthy, and working for a great company. I’m thankful for the ability to live each day comfortably without going hungry and being able to spend it doing the things I love with the people I care about :)”

Drew Garman

Drew Garman, Developer “I’m thankful for my family, friends, and craft beer. I am also thankful for the great environment GeekHive provides us to foster great employees and friendships. We are constantly given a chance to learn new things as well as help others learn.”

GeekHive’s 2017 Thanksgiving Fun!


GeekHive's 2017 Thanksgiving celebration, why we are thankfulGeekHive's 2017 Thanksgiving celebration, why we are thankfulGeekHive's 2017 Thanksgiving celebration, why we are thankful

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