October Blog Post Roundup

November 1, 2017

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GeekHive's October Blog Post Roundup

Check out everything you may have missed from us in October, along with short descriptions so you can hone in on what interests you most. This month featured Part 9 – the final installment of The Martech Enablement Series, tricks for Sitecore developers, and takeaways from both MarTech Boston and Sitecore Symposium, plus we gave you 7 reasons why offshoring your tech is not the best idea. 

October 3rd: September Blog Roundup

In September, we shared Sitecore tips and tricks for developers, added a bunch of posts in The Martech Enablement Series, and shared with you the one team member your agency needs to hire right now.

October 4th: An Interview with GeekHive’s Co-Op Tim Carter

Just in time for career fair season, we posted this interview with one of our most recent co-ops Tim Carter asking him about what he thought of his time with us. Check it out if you’re considering applying for one of our open positions or cooperative education internships.

October 4th: The Martech Enablement Series Part 9

In the last installment of this series, Peter Ladka brings everything you learned in the guide together so you can be well on your way to being a martech enabled organization. As always, we’re here for help along the way.

October 10th: TDS Post Deploy Action: Publish Items Via Publishing Queue

In this post by Tech Lead John Rappel, he outlines an updated Post Deploy action for TDS Classic that avoids the native Single-Item publish task that comes included with TDS Classic. His modifications utilize the Sitecore Publishing Queue to execute a single publish operation.

October 11th: Customer Experience Day 2017

We honored our customers and our internal team members this year with a celebration, a donation to UNICEF, and video shout outs from our internal team and clients. This one is probably my favorite post from the entire month because I just love the testimonial video, watch it to find out what our partners think about working with us!

October 19th: Martech Boston: 5 Key Takeaways You Need to Pay Attention to Now

MarTech Boston was packed with sessions aimed at marketers to help them grow their organizations and utilize the myriad of martech tools at their disposal to collect and analyze data and drive ROMI. These 5 takeaways are something you need to start paying attention to now, in order to maximize your ability to drive your organization through digital transformation.

October 24th: Takeaways from Sitecore Symposium 2017

Sitecore Symposium was nothing short of amazing. The focus on using Sitecore to assist marketers with digital transformation and customer empowerment was both informative and inspirational. In this post, our team shares our top takeaways from the sessions we attended, the updates you can expect from Sitecore 9, and some pictures from the conference.

October 31st: 7 Reasons to Avoid Technical Offshoring

For years there has been a trend to offshore technology needs commoditizing technology and development in the process. What was once seen as a low-cost solution has proved to be more time-consuming and expensive than many organizations anticipated. In this post, we cover 7 reasons we believe you should avoid offshoring your technical needs, pulled from our own client experiences, plus questions to ask to ensure you are hiring the right partner.

Shannon Brennan-Cressey

Director of Digital Marketing
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