The Martech Enablement Series Part 9: Featured on Martech Today

October 4, 2017

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The Martech Enablement Series Part 9: Bringing it all together

I’m excited, and a bit sad to to announce the final post, part nine, in a nine-part series I’m writing for Martech Today called: “The Martech Enablement Series – A Nine Part Practical Guide to Martech Enablement.” In it, I’m sharing with marketers an approach they can take to successfully enable martech within their organization.

In part nine – Bringing it all together! – we’ll take a look back at the entire series and share a few final notes to wrap up the process. 

In this post we’ll discuss:

  • what is really takes to make Martech Enablement a success within your organization
  • reviewing The Martech Enablement Process step by step
    • the strategic components of Martech Enablement
    • the execution components of Martech Enablement
  • how to keep score
  • wrapping up the process

Here’s an excerpt from today’s Martech Today article:

The end in mind

When I first starting sharing about martech enablement in Part 1 of this guide, I discussed the terms “digital maturity” and “digital transformation” and the pressure that marketing organizations are facing to deliver on these ideas. I went on to discuss how being mature and transformed are destinations for your organization that are reached through incremental change.

As you’ve proceeded through this guide, I’ve outlined the incremental steps that, if followed, will ultimately lead to digital transformation within your marketing organization. Frankly — though I’ve rarely mentioned it throughout this guide — martech enablement is primarily about organizational change.

It begins with a mindset shift; then that shift is put into practice, and the organization adapts to support your martech enablement efforts.

Small, incremental organizational change through insights and actions is the martech enablement process that ultimately results in maturity and transformation. Let’s review that process.

Read the entire post on Martech Today.

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I hope it was helpful for you to have this process outlined throughout the series. I want to thank all of you that have been diligently reading this guide as it progressed and want to invite anyone that wishes to continue the dialog around this area of great passion for me to feel free to reach out to me through the following channels.

Twitter: @peterladka


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