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September Blog Roundup

October 3, 2017

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GeekHive's September Blog Roundup

Check out everything you may have missed from us in September, along with short descriptions so you can hone in on what interests you most.

September 5th: The Martech Enablement Series Part 5: Featured on Martech Today

In Part 5: The Team Strategy we learn the most effective ways to set incremental, interactive goals that will lead to large impact on your martech enablement efforts.

September 7th: August Blog Roundup

Check out everything you may have missed from us in August, along with short descriptions so you can decide which posts interest you most. This month featured an introduction to The Martech Enablement Series, shared tricks to handle Sitecore’s demands as a developer, and gave you tools to harness customer engagement.

September 12th: Sitecore Git Delta Deploy 2.0.0

Tech Lead John Rappel is always looking to make code improvements that not only affect us, but the greater Sitecore community at large, you might even call it his passion. In this post, he looks to leverage and improve the quality and efficiency of Sitecore Git Delta Deploy, a tool developers use all the time.

September 13th: The Martech Enablement Series Part 6: Featured on Martech Today

In Part 6: Building the Car, we’ll take a deep dive into how you build your martech stack, layering and integrating technology to handle each of your business needs.

September 18th: The Martech Enablement Series Part 7: Featured on Martech Today

Part 7: Insights, Intelligence, and Integration goes over some of the best ways to put together your martech stack including tools for visibility and understanding, strategic vs tactical insights, tech approaches to integration, and team management and collaboration.

September 20th: The One Team Member Your Agency Needs to Hire Now: Data Scientist

Hiring data-centric thinkers is the key to staying competitive in today’s creative landscape. Learn why in this post by Stephen Downs, who’s 15+ years of experience working in agencies has left him with a unique insight and understanding of the changing space.

September 25th: The Martech Enablement Series Part 8: Featured on Martech Today

The Martech Enablement Series Part 8: Executing Martech Enablement is a must-read for anyone who recognizes a shift in the way they are doing business and is looking for a solid martech strategy. 

Bonus Post: September 25th: The 7 Traits to Look for When Selecting an Agency

In this Forbes Post, our President and CEO Peter Ladka (part of the Forbes Agency Council) is featured contributing one of the 7 traits to look for when you are hiring your next agency partner.

Shannon Brennan-Cressey

Director of Digital Marketing
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