An Interview with GeekHive’s Co-Op Tim Carter

October 4, 2017

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An Interview with GeeKHive's Co-Op Tim Carter

At GeekHive we have a tradition of interviewing our Co-ops (cooperative education interns) on their last day with us. We always miss them, but their words live on. Find out all about GeekHive’s Co-op program from our latest Co-op Tim Carter from RIT. Here’s what he had to say…

Why did you choose to GeekHive for your internship?

I was at the career fair and most of the booths were really bland, nothing eye-catching to make them stand out. When I saw GeekHive, I thought it looked cool so I pulled out my phone and read through your posts and saw the work you did and decided to throw in an application.

Are you still happy with your decision?

Yes, absolutely. I’m not even sure I want to leave. This was my first co-op and job developing, it was a great environment to learn in and I was surrounded by awesome people to work with.

Tell me about your mentor experience.

George started out as my mentor and then Tim Leverette became my mentor. George was super helpful to ramp up and go from the “um I don’t know what is going on” to “now I got it and know what it is going on”. Tim helped teach the complex ideas and going block by block. It was a nice balance.

Do you feel like GeekHive pushed you to achieve your maximum potential?

For the most part yes, the day I got something mastered, I was pushed to learn more. There were a few areas that I didn’t get to work in, but then again, you don’t get to choose what you work on, it’s really about what projects are going on at any given time.

Do you feel like you were treated like an employee or a college student?

Employee all the way. Maybe for the first week or two as a student, but once you prove you can float, you are treated like an employee.

What feedback do you have for us where we could improve?

The rocky part is the start, the onboarding wasn’t as streamlined as it could have been. You are thrown in, here’s the office, this is Sitecore, Bam go! It’s a lot to adjust to. Being able to work with the tools yourself, it much faster than actually going through a training.

Why do you think you fit in so well here?

It’s the combination of personalities (everyone is a Geek) and everyone here knows what you are talking about (when you discuss your geeky passions). Everyone here is really nice, polite like not soft-spoken but not overly loud at the same time.

What’s your Geeky passion?

I’m big on video games, most of my life outside of work is spent gaming, from Tabletop to Computer Games. My favorite games are  Overwatch, Borderlands 2, and Battlegrounds.

What are your three biggest takeaways from your time with us?

  1. How to interact with clients and how to conduct meetings. This was a real-world environment where clients were on the line if I didn’t conduct myself professionally, and that was big.
  2. How to work as a part of a team. Team Development is big here, we are all working on the same project and need to understand processes like workflow, code reviews, etc. Again, the things you are doing don’t’ just affect you but the team at large.
  3. Work doesn’t have to be overly serious, have fun while you are working. Shoot nerf guns across the office and have a good time with it.

What advice do you have for other co-ops who may be interested in working at GeekHive?

Before the interview:

Be passionate, not just about web development but show you have passion for something. This is far better than just saying you have experience, it shows you as a person instead of just the you on a piece of paper.

Once working at GeekHive:

Make an attempt to reach out to your co-workers they are just people like you so don’t be afraid to say hi or ask what they do outside of work,  everyone is really friendly.

What challenges did you face while working at GeekHive?

The initial adaptation, I had never worked with a CMS, so getting ramped up to speed was a small challenge, but while it was a hill, it wasn’t a very large hill.

Anything else you want to add?

I had an awesome experience all around, it was a great environment, full of nice people and interesting work, nothing bad to say about it!

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