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Customer Experience Day 2017

October 11, 2017

Blog | Culture | Customer Experience Day 2017
customer experience day 2017

GeekHive just celebrated the fifth annual Customer Experience (CX) Day, a global celebration that was created by the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) to give companies time to reflect and build upon their customer relationships. This gave us the chance to take a moment to look back on our customer experience successes and reaffirm our commitment to all of our amazing partners. It’s great to have a day of the year dedicated to focusing our attention internally and better understanding what makes us strong as a leading technology partner, as well as where, and in what ways, we can improve our service.

Our Values

Traditionally, holidays are all about values. They bring people together by reminding them of the customs that bind them as a community. We here at GeekHive have our own set of values that we’ve laid out in order to affirm, internally and externally, what we are all about. Customer Experience Day is the perfect time to reflect on them and their meaning to our business.

At GeekHive, our core values are clearly defined: People First, Be Fair, Harness Passion, Unleash Creativity, Maintain Integrity and Honor Commitment. But on this past CX Day, our principle of People First played a special role. Thanks to the amazing relationships we share with our partners, we have grown and prospered in our industry over the years. This year, we were able to spread that prosperity around.

There has been a great deal of sadness in the news recently. One of the major things going on is the situation in Puerto Rico, where they are just devastated by Hurricane Irma. In the wake of this terrible tragedy, organizations such as UNICEF have been firing on all cylinders to bring aid to the people in need. GeekHive has made a donation to support UNICEF as they continue to help Puerto Rico’s communities recover from this disaster. Being able to support Puerto Rico during such a trying time has helped us reinforce our People First value. We could not have done this without our partners, for whom we are extremely thankful!

Customer Love and Team Thanks

“Working with Geekhive for over ten years I can tell you the most impressive thing about the company is their keen ability to identify and hire some of the most knowledgeable, skillful and personable technology talent in the industry. I have no doubt that all the successful work we have done together over the years was possible and enhanced greatly by working with such a fine team of people. ” Vincent James, Manager of Digital Communications CHCF

As part of our CX Day tradition, we assembled a presentation complete with a video featuring customer testimonials and feedback, which we showed to the team to give them something to reflect on for the year. We all have our own unique experience with customer relationships, specific to our professional roles within the company. This presentation allowed us each to step outside of our respective positions and examine how we, collectively, have positively influenced our partners’ lives and businesses.

We also had team members give shout outs to one another. We compiled a short video highlighting both below. It’s fun the spread the love on CX Day both internally and externally!


Customer Experience Goals for the Next Year

Our goals for the upcoming year include a renewed focus on account management and relationships. We are also elaborating on an idea we had earlier this year to create Experience Teams, which should help us build upon our customer focus. We are already thoroughly assessing customer feedback and working with our team to create better customer experiences moving forward. We are working on creating more engagement around customer experience in general — whether that means reaching out to customers for feedback or training our own employees to always focus on the customer first. And we are planning for an even bigger Customer Experience Day celebration in 2018!


Mike Caccavano

Chief Experience Officer

Tim Butler

Director of Account Management
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