The One Team Member Your Agency Needs To Hire Now: Data Scientist

September 20, 2017

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The one Team Member your Agency Needs to Hire Now: Data Scientist

Let’s start with something we all know to be true: every organization is in constant search of a competitive advantage.

Agencies and brands with a desire to: stay ahead of their market, deliver communications and experiences that are relevant at the point of need, and strive to stay alive in a cut-throat business environment, must start focusing their recruiting efforts on data-centric thinkers, capable of leveraging amassed data to inform creative execution.

If you follow our blog (subscribe below or in the right side bar), you know that we believe in martech as the future of the marketing industry. At its core, martech relies on the use of big data to drive creative and strategic execution. As a marketer, if you are able to master the basics of machine learning and harness the power of data to forecast what’s next, you win.

To make the most sense out of martech data, marketers will have to manipulate a wide set of information, asking a myriad of questions and deriving actionable answers. Among many things, mining this data will result in outcomes that:

  • drive meaningful business transformation enabling predictive user behavior
  • deliver personalized messages, optimizing the most decisive user experience
  • serve the most advantageous customer journey (no more guessing)

I believe that your agency or brand must start thinking like data scientists to ensure you get the most value out of your efforts and here’s why, with one goal in mind, clarity.

There has been much discussion around the art vs. the science of marketing. As you can imagine, in a martech enabled organization, you will find yourself drowning in information. Cataloging and normalizing that data is a daunting endeavor. Bringing a data scientist-mentality onto your team is the only means of finding clarity in all this chaos.

Among many others, three core components to what data science will deliver to your marketing efforts can be defined as:

  1. The Ability to Make Informed Decisions: Most businesses rely on intuition to improve their marketing efforts. If organizations could leverage a powerful data collection system(s) paired with a data science perspective, the result will shift from insights based on ‘gut feel’ to insights driven by predictable interpretation of real-time data.
  2. The Capacity to (Easily/Quickly) Optimize Campaigns and Programs: The more you know about the hidden patterns and relationships in your data, the better the decisions you can make to optimize content, creative, customer experience, production, and all aspects of the consumer journey, saving you time and money.
  3. The Clarity of a True Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI): Quick reaction time and decision making will eliminate waste, reduce cost and maximize efficiency. ROMI will become the only metric that matters.

If the goal of marketing is to increase a brand’s value by increasing sales, data analytics and individuals that are capable of extrapolating meaning out of that data are a critical asset required to drive your marketing teams in utilizing the best possible marketing solutions, guaranteeing the best return on investment.

Hire a data scientist today!

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