The Martech Enablement Series Part 8: Featured on Martech Today

September 25, 2017

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The martech enablement series part 8: Executing Martech Enablement

I’m excited to announce the eighth post in a nine-part series I’m writing for Martech Today called: “The Martech Enablement Series – A Nine Part Practical Guide to Martech Enablement.” In it, I’m sharing with marketers an approach they can take to successfully enable martech within their organization.

In part eight – Executing Martech Enablment – we’ll begin to look where science and marketing converge, working in support of one another to win the races and series. 

In this post we’ll discuss:

  • martech enablement is nimble
    • how long the process should take
  • racing series and individual races
    • series planning
    • cadence
  • the daily execution of races

Here’s an excerpt from today’s Martech Today article:

Martech enablement is nimble

I can understand how, after seven parts and the thousands upon thousands of words contained within this guide, you could easily surmise that martech enablement is a traditional Discovery-> Design-> Execution type process, regardless of how many times I’ve said otherwise.

I want to reiterate, if you haven’t already garnered it from earlier parts of this guide, that martech enablement — both in strategic development and execution — is an intuitive and logical process that enables a marketing organization to realize incremental, meaningful and strategic outcomes in martech that together lead to digital maturity and transformation.

You shouldn’t spend more than four to six weeks getting through the initial construction of the team, strategy and technology assessment to get going with execution. Quickly getting wins and insights should be your foremost objective. Martech enablement is a prime mover that should quickly kick your organization’s resources into motion.

As an organization begins the martech enablement process, execution iterations (sprints) run four weeks in duration, in my experience; this shortens to two weeks as you become more experienced. Think in terms of a race driver starting to race at lower speeds on less demanding courses at first and graduating to more complex, competitive races with higher speeds as he or she learns and progresses. Martech enablement is about quick, agile wins.

Racing series and individual races

As I described in Part 5 of this guide, a racing “series” is a collection of races where a team can earn points during each race which aggregate to determine if you win the series. The parallel of the race series in martech enablement is a four- or two-week execution iteration or agile marketing sprint. Within each series, you’ll run many races. Races are parallel to marketing campaigns.

During your team strategy development that I discussed in Part 5, I outlined how the series and race goals are developed. During those exercises, you should have developed an initial list of goals. These goals will be an ever-evolving list that’s refined and re-prioritized as you iterate during the martech process.

Read the entire post on Martech Today.

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