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August Blog Roundup

September 7, 2017

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GeekHive's August Blog Roundup.

Check out everything you may have missed from us in August, along with short descriptions so you can hone in on what interests you most.

After introducing Martech Enablement last month, we really dove into Martech on our blog and newsletter in August (sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this post). Topics include a feature interview with our newest martech partner customer engagement expert Thunderhead, Sitecore developer tips and tricks, and parts 2-4 of The Martech Enablement series – a must read for anyone looking to choose the right tools and/or get the most out of their marketing technology.

August 1st: July Blog Roundup

In July we were featured in the Times Herald Record, shared best practices for Sitecore Commands, took a technical deep dive into our partner Pantheon’s offerings, introduced Martech Enablement and created an in depth guide for developers covering the best ways to configure friendly error pages in Sitecore. To check out what interests you most, read our July Blog Roundup.

August 2nd: Sitecore Search and Predicate Builder Queries

Out of the box, Sitecore has strong search capabilities with querying options Sitecore Search, Fast, and Index Based (Lucene, Solr, etc) each with their own benefits. Tech lead Steve Vandenbush will teach you how to get the most out of Sitecore search with the easy to read Predicate Builder.

August 4th: The Top 3 Martech Myths for Agencies

Our EVP of Business Development Stephen Downs hears from our agency partners daily about their fears around adopting a martech strategy for the brands they represent. In this post, we address their top concerns to help you move forward and embrace the changing landscape of what businesses and brands today demand from their agency partners.

August 7th: The Martech Enablement Series Part 1: Featured on Martech Today

This is the first post in a 9 part series GeekHive’s President and CEO Peter Ladka is writing for Martech Today called: “The Martech Enablement Series – A Nine Part Practical Guide to Martech Enablement.” In it, Peter shares with marketers an approach they can take to successfully enable martech within their organization. Part 1 introduces you to Martech Enablement (expanding on the post Peter wrote for our blog last month) and explains how it will apply to your organization. In addition, it lays out a practical approach to digital maturity and explains the insights and actions you need to focus on in order to start the process.

August 10th: Take Customer Engagement to the Next Level with Thunderhead

How can you compete and win in a customer empowered marketplace? As companies realize that their success is more in the hands of the consumer than ever before, there has been a shift towards creating customer experiences instead of marketing products and services. To do this, your customers demand a cohesive, comprehensive, and relevant customer journey that engages them every step of the way. Want to take your customer engagement to the next level? Now you can, with Thunderhead’s One Engagement Hub. Read this interview with our newest Martech partner to learn more and find out if this tool is the right fit for your Martech stack. If you still have questions, we can help.

August 14th: The Martech Enablement Series Part 2: Featured on Martech today

How do you ACTUALLY move towards digital maturity in your marketing efforts? In part 2 of this series – The Race Team Analogy Peter sets up an outline for the rest of the guide and introduces the race team analogy that will run parallel with the steps needed to bring Martech Enablement to an organization throughout the series.

August 16th: Press Release: GeekHive Named to Inc. 5000 for the 2nd Year

GeekHive made the Inc. 5000 list, Ranking No. 3629 with a Three-Year Sales Growth of 84%. 2017, is the 2nd year in a row that GeekHive has earned a position on the esteemed list. A truly extraordinary feat as only one in three, of the tens of thousands of companies that have applied to Inc. 5000, make the list two times.

August 21st: The Martech Enablement Series Part 3: Featured on Martech Today

Get your team moving in the right direction with part 3 of the Series – Assembling your Team Members. In this post, Peter outlines the parallels between the race team and your martech team, the core team positions needed to enable your organization, and each team member’s responsibilities in the process, along with the specialist roles that are critical to your success. This is a really meaty post that will help you start thinking about key roles within your organization and where you may need to fill in the gaps with new hires, internal shifts, or agency partners.

August 24th: A Complete Guide to Configuring Friendly Error Pages in Sitecore Part 2

Learn the best way to handle 500 errors in Sitecore in part two of this comprehensive guide Developer John Rappel put together. These pages output the stack trace of the application and can often give insight into the underlying pages logic.  It is imperative that a production site hides these errors from users and instead returns a friendly “Oops, an error occurred” style page.  It is also important that the underlying error is logged so that developers may seek to resolve the issue.

August 28th: The Martech Enablement Series Part 4: Featured on Martech Today

Building on the previous posts in the series, part 4 – Building the Team – lays out the steps you must take in order to build a successful martech team both for enablement and to help you reach your long term goals. Those steps include creating a martech vision, getting executive buy in, outlining the roles and responsibilities of each key team member, examining existing staff, and understanding when you may need to bring in outside support.

August 30th: Meet Tech Lead Joe Ouimet

We’ve been fortunate to welcome Joe Ouimet to our team. As a veteran Sitecore developer Joe loves problem-solving and creating new and innovative ways to implement the marketing technologies our clients require in order to build customer centric organizations.

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