The MarTech Enablement Series Part 4: Featured on MarTech Today

August 28, 2017

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the martech enablement series post 4

I’m excited to announce the fourth post in a nine part series I’m writing for MarTech Today called: “The MarTech Enablement Series – A Nine Part Practical Guide to MarTech Enablement.” In it, I’m sharing with marketers an approach they can take to successfully enable MarTech within their organization.

In Part Four – Building the Team – I cover the steps you must take in order to build a successful team including:

  • creating a martech vision
  • getting executive buy in
  • outlining the roles and responsibilities of each key team member
    • the best way to use a RACI matrix to build your outline
  • how to examine existing staff to see what positions you can fill from existing team members
    • how to manage this change amongst your employees
  • when you may need to hire or bring in outside teams for help

Here’s a blurb from today’s Martech today article:

It is recommended that this task of identifying roles and responsibilities be performed first, without consideration for current staff or partnerships. Base this exercise on what your martech organization will actually need to be successful. There is always the temptation to look at existing staff while performing this effort. In a later step, we will look at evaluating your current staff and partners for assignment to roles and responsibilities.

There are many tools available to help you create this outline. One of my favorites is the RACI matrix. Much has been written about RACI so I won’t go into depth but a RACI matrix allows for the graphing of the intersection of roles and responsibilities and provides for the assignment of 4 designations for a role against a responsibility which is where the acronym RACI is derived. Those 4 designations are:

  • Responsible – Performs the activity/task
  • Accountable – Ultimate owner with Yes/No authority
  • Consulted – Supplies insight or opinion before and during the activity
  • Informed – Provided result of progress/outcome

Once the roles and responsibilities have been graphed on the matrix an effort is performed to assign one or more of the following designations at the intersection. Below is a simple graphic to demonstrate what a RACI matrix could look like.

Raci Example for MarTech Enablement

At this point, your RACI matrix will largely consist of the roles in our core team, but you may also include any known specialist roles as described in part 3 of this guide. The RACI matrix will need to be revisited later after part 5, “The Team Strategy – Defining the Strategy” as additional specialist roles will often emerge during that step. As you mature in martech enablement, understanding it’s an agile and ongoing process,  it’s a good common practice to revisit your RACI matrix regularly (perhaps quarterly but at least bi-annually) to ensure that as your marketing organization matures that there continues to exist a common understanding of roles and responsibilities.

Read the entire post on MarTech Today.

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