The MarTech Enablement Series Part 3: Featured on MarTech Today

August 21, 2017

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MarTech Enablement Post 3 - Assembling your team members

I’m excited to announce the third post in a nine part series I’m writing for MarTech Today called: “The MarTech Enablement Series – A Nine Part Practical Guide to MarTech Enablement.” In it, I’m sharing with marketers an approach they can take to successfully enable MarTech within their organization.

In Part three – Assembling your team members – I cover:

  • The parallels between the race team and your MarTech team
  • The core race team positions
    • Executive team (business)
    • Drive team (art)
    • Crew (science)
  • The core MarTech team and their roles and responsibilities in the MarTech enablement process
  • Specialist roles critical to your success

This is a really meaty post that will help you start thinking about key roles within your organization and where you may need to fill in the gaps with new hires, internal shifts or agency partners.

Here’s a blurb from  today’s MarTech Today Article:

Let’s explore how your marketing organization parallels the core race team players above.

Core martech team

As with the race team, getting the core team established at the outset is critical to success. The parallels between your martech team and the race team are somewhat remarkable to me.

Within your martech-enabled organization, you have the executive team focused on the business of marketing with the drive team engaged in the “art” of marketing and the crew focused on the “science” of marketing.

In smaller organizations, some of these roles could be filled by the same individual, whereas in larger organizations each role will be a different person. This is influenced by the organization’s size, budget and needs.

When a company commits to bring martech enablement to their organization, it’s common for the existing staff’s roles to morph as transformation and maturity occur.

Additionally, it’s common for creative and technical partners to provide support in areas where the marketing organization has skill deficiencies. We’ll cover this in much more depth in “Part 4 – Building the Team.”

Executive (the business of martech)

  • CEO/brand owner (race team owner) – The CEO or brand owner will contribute high-level organizational strategic direction that will provide the basis for the CMO to make martech decisions. It is rare for this individual to be involved in any way beyond that when considering martech enablement.
  • CMO (team manager) – The CMO has primary ownership over budget and the largest influence over the team’s strategic direction. Like the team manager of the race team, the CMO will create and manage the cross-functional team.
  • Other key stakeholders (partners) – An important factor in the success of martech enablement is creating synergy between key stakeholders and departments within your overall organization. For instance, depending on your company’s organizational structure, the CIO or CTO will be critical in achieving martech enablement because of the need to blend the art and science of martech. Additionally, it is very valuable to involve your CRO or SVP of Sales as creating a cohesive experience with your sales department is a valuable result of martech enablement. Other potential roles could include executive management over compliance, legal, data or similar departments.

Read the entire post on MarTech Today.

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